Former UFC Welterweight Champion Colby Covington was recently on Submission Radio where he sent another message to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The two have had their exchange of words and barbs over the past few months. Covington has wanted a WWE match with McIntyre, and he recently vowed to find McIntyre and “whoop his ass.”

Covington sent a message to McIntyre ahead of his title defense against Bobby Lashley on Sunday.

“The other big fight that I’m looking forward to, Drew McIntyre,” Covington stated. “He’s been talking all this s–t over in WWE.

“It’s hard to fight people right now, and I will fight anybody. I don’t care, I will find you. I don’t care who you are, I will find you. You know I found Dana White in the blackjack table at The Palms. I find someone when I want to find them. But right now in the world, with businesses shut down and curfews going on, I can’t find Drew McIntyre to save my life. So, as soon as the world goes back to normal, I will find Drew McIntyre. I promise you that, guys. And before that, I know my boy Bobby Lashely’s gonna knock him out this weekend at Backlash, and I’m going to go over there and piss on Drew McIntyre’s ashes.

“And then after Drew McIntyre goes to hospital, I’m gonna go to the hospital, cause Bobby’s gonna tell me which hospital he’s gonna be at, and I’m gonna beat his ass again for all the talk he’s been talking. He’s saying he’s 6’6 and 100 pounds bigger than me. b—h, when you’re on the ground, you’re not gonna be 6’6, you’re not gonna be 300 pounds when you’re on your back getting slapped up like the little hillbilly that you are. So, I’m gonna send his ass back to Scotland, and he’ll never be the same as well. Once this stuff ends, I will find Drew McIntyre. Mark my words.”

McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley at Backlash on Sunday. Make sure to check back here this Sunday for our live WWE Backlash coverage, as well as the latest breaking news leading to the show.