Daniel Bryan joined this week’s WWE Backstage to talk with Renee Young and CM Punk. During the conversation, Bryan spoke about his about his storyline that involved Punk and AJ Lee in 2012 and 2013. Bryan discussed how much he enjoyed that time working with Punk, Lee, and Kane, but there was one part from that time that rubbed him the wrong way.

Bryan felt like him and Punk was very much a main event feud and despite having three title matches on PPV ? none were the main event.

“This was a period where Punk and I are doing stuff with the WWE Championship against each other, and we’re not in the main event?” Bryan recalled. “I don’t get rubbed the wrong way very often, but that was just like one of those things. We did a title match once ? the main event was John Cena versus my now father-in-law. So, this is all starting to get weird.

“John Cena versus John Laurinaitis, that was in the main event, but Punk and I had a title match and it was like this weird thing where we had three PPV title matches. Two singles, where none of them were the main event, and then the other one, we get Kane involved! So, I remember being in these title matches and be like, ‘Hey, let’s go out and really show them.'”

Bryan is set to face AJ Styles to determine the next WWE Intercontinental Champion on the June 12 episode of SmackDown.

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