Daniel Bryan recently discussed race on an episode of The Bellas Podcast recently.

“I’m very bad about talking about race,” Bryan admitted. “Right now there’s a ton of people on social media, but at some point, this is probably going to die down, like the fervor for it as the news cycle goes in a circle. What I want for myself for myself and for the movement is to educate myself in a way that when social media starts focusing on something else, when there’s a new outrage, that I’m still there for this fight and I understand the real core issues.”

Bryan noted how he will often turn to his African American friends like Big E when he has a question that involves race. He noted that “your black friends are not your Google.”

“What I realize too is that like, ‘Oh, if I have a question I’ll just ask Big E!’, right?” Bryan said (h/t to Cageside Seats for the transcription). “The last thing, I don’t want to say the last thing, but your black friends are not your Google, right? They’re not there to answer all your white person questions about race.”

Bryan has never been shy about voicing his thoughts on social issues as he has refused to work a Saudi Arabia show because of the country’s treatment of LGBTQ people. Big E has also used his platform to promote social issues as well, and Bryan discussed a tweet that Big E retweeted that gave Bryan a resource to learn how to be anti-racist.

“I wanted to do a lot of education myself and to look up to the black men and women that have been fighting this fight for a long time,” Bryan stated. “Big E actually retweeted a woman named Victoria Alexander. She put out a list of books. Like, here’s an anti-racist book club.

“So, not only do I want to be not racist, being not racist isn’t good enough. Being anti-racist, right? And not just from an individual level, but from a structural societal level, I want to be anti-racist. I want to support things that bring the black community up because it’s not right.”

Below is the tweet that Bryan and Big E have retweeted:

You can listen to Bryan’s comments below: