Fans Finally Receiving Refunds For Nixed WWN Live Events Scheduled For WrestleMania 36 Weekend

Fans are finally beginning to see refunds for the WWN Live events that were canceled after WrestleMania 36 Week was nixed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to EVOLVE's Vice President of Talent Relations, Creative & Marketing Gabe Sapolsky, who also works for WWE NXT.


There's been a lot of talk on EVOLVE's future as of late and some fans have revealed that they still have not received refunds from the canceled WWN Live events scheduled for the Tampa area back in April. Sapolsky revealed on Twitter today that some refunds have been made, and the rest will be issued in the next week or two.

"We just got an update from Etix. They've made some refunds. The rest will be made in the next week or two. They are working on them and everyone will be refunded. My deepest apologies it is taking this long. I'm not going to make any excuses, but I assure you this has been the foremost thing on our minds and we are doing everything we can to get this done as quickly as possible. I understand if you are angry and upset. You will be made whole if you are owed a refund. Be safe & well," Sapolsky wrote on his private Twitter account, according to PWInsider.


As noted earlier this month, EVOLVE is reportedly going on a hiatus and will not be hosting shows moving forward. This came amid unconfirmed rumors of WWE purchasing the promotion for their tape library. You can click here to read the latest report on the promotion taking a break.

Stay tuned for updates.