Flip Gordon On His New Multi-Year, Million Dollar ROH Deal: "They Anted Up The Dough, Bro!"

There are many wrestling free agents on the market but Flip Gordon will not be one of them. The Ring of Honor star recently re-signed with the promotion and he explained why when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.


"It was simple. It was the best offer on the table. They anted up the dough bro," Gordon said before revealing that it's a multi-year, million-dollar deal.
"When someone wants to make you a millionaire, you dedicate time to them."

With the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, some may see this as an odd time to re-negotiate a deal but Gordon said this is something he wanted to do for a while.

"It didn't put me in too tough of a spot as if you asked me three months ago, I wanted to stay with ROH before I even saw all of the offers. But it just solidified my option. As soon as I saw their offer, it was easy," said Gordon.

"They offered me a lot. I'm able to work for New Japan, NWA, CMLL. I'm able to grow as I've only been doing this for five years so they gave me a chance to still climb those ranks. I have a lot of goals that I set in ROH that I haven't accomplished yet. I've been there for three years and haven't held a single championship and I wanna change that."


Gordon has had bad luck as of late with various injuries and now this stoppage due to the pandemic. He talked about his career over the last few years and being sidelined again at the moment.

"After All In and after that year, that was probably the biggest year I had in my whole career," revealed Gordon. "Then coming off with the ELITE leaving ROH, the first weekend I blew out my knee. I missed four months and then came back for a month to two months and blew out my elbow. So, I missed some more time. That was frustrating because I'm sitting at home again and waiting to wrestle. But it's not just me as it's everybody and it's a very serious situation at hand. But it's kind of like a reset in wrestling.

"Obviously, there's two companies that have to put product out there weekly because they're on TV. But the other companies get to sit back and brainstorm. What do we want to do for the future? What does ROH want to do? What's gonna set us apart from everyone else? Let's be honest, the wrestling market is very oversaturated right now."

Gordon said he and other talent are staying in touch with ROH via weekly Zoom meetings. He also talked about what he and ROH are doing during this time to engage with fans.


"Obviously, social media is huge and I started using Twitter again and trying to maximize Instagram. ROH itself is huge on YouTube and they started TikTok which I guess is a new thing kids are doing these days. Social media is such a huge tool in this business and it's giving us a chance to maximize that tool at this moment because there's nothing else we can really do," stated Gordon.

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