Flip Gordon Talks Elbow Injury That Is Keeping Him Out Of PWG Sixteen, How Long He Will Be Out

Flip Gordon was scheduled to face Andy Brown at PWG's Sixteen but had to withdraw due to injury. The injury actually occurred during a Ring of Honor event for Gordon and he talked more about when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast, which will run on Tuesday.


"It's been quite the rough year for me. In January I tore my MCL and then returned in April at Supercard. Then some time went by and Marty [Scurll] was teasing a new member [for Villain Enterprises] and it turns it out it is me; I'm the mercenary of Villain Enterprises," Gordon said before adding that at Best in the World he got a little too excited while putting Tracy Williams through a table which led to a new injury.

"I was a little excited, a little upset and I let the emotion get the best of me. As soon as I went through the table and as soon as I landed, my elbow exploded. I partially tore my tricep, dislocated my elbow and tore both ligaments in my elbow. I got an MRI and X-ray; no fractures. But they told me 6-8 weeks."


It's another tough blow for Gordon who missed two months earlier this year with his knee injury. But at first he thought this elbow injury was actually a broken arm.

"Initially when it happened I thought I broke my arm because my arm was so distorted that it just looked disgusting. I looked up at Brody [King] and was like, 'I broke my arm' and as soon as we went back through the curtain, Joey Mercury looked at it backstage and said it's my elbow," revealed Gordon. "He said, 'We gotta get it back in place.' I was sitting down and waiting for EMTs but they took too long so I just popped it back in and then the EMTs came and all they wanted to do was put ice on it and wrap it. If it wasn't for popping it back in, I was gonna have to get surgery because the EMTs weren't gonna do it."

No one would ever question a pro wrestlers toughness and Gordon validated that thought by popping his dislocated elbow back into place. He was asked just how painful doing that was.

"Very painful. Honestly if it wasn't for the adrenaline still in me, I don't think I would have been able to do it," admitted Gordon. "I just knew that as soon as the swelling goes up, if I don't get it back in place, then I would need surgery to put it back in place. So, I've been trying to avoid surgery my whole life."


Gordon is back on the shelf again just as he joined Villain Enterprises as the fourth member. He talked about not being able to compete for the foreseeable future.

"It's been a very mentally tough year for me. But I'm staying focused and been in the gym literally almost every day as you might have noticed when I came back from the knee injury," said Gordon. "I put on about 20 pounds because if I can't wrestle, I want to work out because I want to come back in the best shape of my life.

"It's no different for this as I'm already up to about 10-15 pounds on arm curls. I'm not cleared for it but you can't keep me away. I'm addicted and I wanna get back in that ring as soon as possible. I'm a competitor and I want to compete."

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