This week’s Impact Wrestling episode almost didn’t make it to AXS TV in time to air, according to PWInsider.

As noted, Impact had to edit Joey Ryan out of the show after he was released due to allegations from the “#SpeakingOut” movement on social media. It was noted that things came down to the wire as Impact officials made it just in time to deliver the episode to AXS.

The situation was described as “another 30 minutes and we wouldn’t have been on the air, at all.”

It was also noted that Impact cannibalized material originally set to air in the coming weeks to make up for what they edited out due to Ryan’s departure. The company still has to figure out what their plans are for future episodes, but they felt like the most important goal for this week was to make sure the did everything they could do to deliver a new episode under any circumstances.

For those who missed it, you can click here to read Impact’s statement on releasing Ryan and Dave Crist, and suspending Michael Elgin.

Stay tuned for updates.