Jim Cornette Discusses The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Against He And His Wife

As noted, the "Speaking Out" movement trending worldwide encourages people to use social media and online platforms to open up about physical and emotional abuse they have experienced. Indie wrestler Phil Earley used the platform to make several accusations against Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey, going back to when Cornette ran Ohio Valley Wrestling when it was a WWE developmental territory.


In his lengthy post, seen here, Earley describes the alleged grooming process that Stacey and Jim put him and others through during their time at OVW. During the most recent edition of his Jim Cornette Drive Thru Podcast, Cornette discusses the allegations directly and details all the instances where the allegations were apparently false.

"I have never asked the commissioner or representative of the commission to the state of Kentucky to test, fine, suspend, harass, cuss out, or in other ways mistreat anybody, or do any favors for anybody in OVW or any other company," Jim started. "You hear all these outlaws here, 'Aw, they called the commission and you bury us.' I've applauded him a few times fining or suspending these promotions sometimes, but I've never asked him to do it. And if it ever came to needing a sworn statement from a government official to that fact, he would be more than happy to provide one.


"I have never offered any wrestler, male or female, preferential treatment, a job, a contract, a push, or anything else related to their employment or threatened the opposite if they would or would not engage in ribbled relations with me or my wife," Cornette continued. "No 'quid pro quo', 'no tit for tat', as they say... No female wrestler that I ever worked with in Ohio Valley Wrestling, or anywhere else to my recollection, has ever said that I talked to them or treated them improperly, except when critiquing their matches or performance of same, but treated them improperly or with any personal or language or actions of that description."

Cornette continued on, admitting that he has physically abused men in the past but he has never sexually abused anyone. He also specified that anybody who has been involved with him or his wife sexually has always been aware of it and pleased with the experience.

"I have not been involved with anyone under legal age. I have not physically abused anybod- well, I've physically abused some men by the strict definition of that term," Jim admitted. "I have hit many f–king men over the head with a tennis racket... But not [abuse] in a sexual way. Okay, there's categorical. I haven't abused any men in a sexual way and I haven't physically abused any women.


"I have never sent inappropriate pics, texts, sexts, or whatever to anybody cause I've never sent a damn text to anybody," Jim continued. "I've never done that on Facebook for the same reason. I have never slept in the same bed with a woman and not had sex with them and it wasn't a surprise to anybody that was involved with it when it happened. And I didn't know that people just did that like it's the f–king Brady Bunch. Oh, come on over. Let's hang out, let's have a sleep over. We're grown adults but we – Oh, I don't understand. Nobody that I've ever known in the biblical sense has been forced or coerced in anyway to be there and all seemed happy to take part and happy when it was over it, you can take that as you will."

Cornette clarified that nothing of the sexual nature that has been brought up has upset Stacey because she was already aware of their lifestyle. He recalls 5-6 people from the pro wrestling world that have actually made it into their hot tub.

"I'm not being accused of cheating by my spouse or significant other because whenever that's happened she's either known about it or been there when it took place. But my own wife is not mad at me for anything," Jim explained. "So apparently that just leaves, when you take all those other things out, fun? That's what you're left over with is just fun? Day-off personal time amongst friends. Fun? Isn't everybody supposed to have their fun? There's about 5 or 6 individuals on the AEW roster I could question about 'fun'!


"I ain't joking with you, from the professionals in the wrestling industry that have been in our hot tub that we've had for fifteen years, I'd say 5-6 tops. And I don't remember any of them being contracted at the time to any major organizations," Jim continued. "That's what I'm saying – if you take out the manipulating people's jobs accusation, which we've just basically drawn and quartered, as they say, and illustrated it was f–king caca. What you've got left is I've been charged with having an interesting sex life."

Lastly, Jim noted that pictures of Stacey's backside used as poof for the accusations are not a rarity. He explained that they are actually quite common and he has taken hundreds of photos of her from behind.

"Pictures of Stacey's ass are not uncommon," Jim explained. "She is proud of it and rightfully so! I have taken hundreds of pictures of that ass over the years in many different locations. She doesn't just send them out unsolicited."