Joey Ryan has never been shy about speaking his mind regarding things that most people are uncomfortable talking about. He was asked about the social unrest that has swept the country following the death of George Floyd when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I think it’s unfortunate,” Ryan said of Floyd’s death. “Change is necessary and we all have to evolve and grow. I think we’re headed in that direction and I see a lot of positivity in the world. A lot of people focus on negatives, but I see positives and change coming and I think it’s a good thing.”

Ryan participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race earlier in his career where he served as a trainer. He discussed that experience and how it helped bring more eyes to the wrestling world.

“It’s been quite a few years. It’s been almost 10 years since we filmed that as I think we did it in 2011 which actually shows it the staying power of that show? It was nice because the contestants on the show, they want to win the competition so they took it serious. They’re having fun but they also know they have to do their best to win the contest,” said Ryan. “So, they were very engaged with the wrestling which made it a lot easier to teach when people want to do their best. So, that was a cool experience.”

He added that people still associate him with the show which he is proud of because of the show’s cultural impact. He also said it helped bring pro wrestling to the mainstream and not just to the wrestling audience.

Ryan had numerous intergender matches with Tessa Blanchard and Blanchard is now the Impact World Champion. However, Moose has stated that he doesn’t see her as much competition and Ryan weighed in on his comments. Ryan noted that Blanchard has not been appearing on television for Impact because she is living in Mexico with fiancee Daga, and has been unable to travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I think Moose is trying to be a champion of his own with the TNA Heavyweight Title. He wants that recognition. He looks at the history of the TNA Heavyweight Title and perceives it to be more prestigious than the Impact Title. His agenda is not necessarily Tessa herself but actually the legacy of the title,” stated Ryan.

“His is a little more controversial because he is the self-proclaimed TNA Heavyweight Champion. He didn’t earn it although he’s been around and has earned his keep for years and years. But I think his argument is that his title is more prestigious. Also, maybe because Tessa hasn’t been able to perform because she’s currently living in Mexico due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of international travel. She hasn’t been around so he may see that as a weakness even though it’s not Tessa’s fault.

“Maybe Moose is taking advantage of that as a way to disparage her while also proclaiming the legacy of the TNA Heavyweight Title as being more prestigious.”

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