Karrion Kross On His WWE NXT Name Change

WWE NXT Superstar Karrion Kross recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and talked about his name change. Kross was asked if there was ever a chance that he would be called "Killer Kross" on the brand.


"I think it's fair to say anything is possible, so I wouldn't discount it," Kross said. "On the other hand, I have not been stifled whatsoever creatively since I have arrived here. I feel like what we have done, from Killer to Karrion, is expand the character.

"This is something I personally always wanted to do. I've been sitting on concepts and ideas for an extended period of time, exercising the patience over the past few years not to do them. I've been waiting for the right platform. Now we're here."

Kross also discussed the origin of his Karrion name.

"I didn't want to take something directly, I wanted to take different pieces," he explained. "I exercised some mythology to the presentation in terms of Charon. He was a ferryman and would carry the souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead. There is another character named Cheiron, who was the son of Cronus, the god of time. My inspirations come from many different places, and I've rolled everything into one presentation."


Kross revealed that NXT officials have had him involved with every single piece of the character development process, including his entrance music.

"Being part of the process, it's everything," Kross said. "That allows [the character] to organically breathe when people are watching. That's always been my main goal?make things feel as organic as possible."

Kross apparently kicked off his new feud with NXT Champion Adam Cole on last night's show as Scarlett came out to taunt the champ with an hour glass, as noted at this link. Kross was asked what Scarlett adds to the pro wrestling world unlike anyone else.

"She is completely unique," Kross said. "She's bilingual. She can sing. She can beat people up. Her presence is definitely something you can feel through the television."

He continued and agreed that it's hard to picture him without Scarlett and Scarlett without him.

"Definitely. We have a synergy where we're essentially one. I would describe her as the angel of death. She's going to be the very first thing you're going to see before everything comes to an end," he said.