After WWE released dozens of Superstars in response to the pandemic, the number of wrestlers in the free agent market have increased greatly. Impact Wrestling’s Kiera Hogan was asked if there was anyone in particular she would like to see show up in Impact when she joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

“Hmm, anybody in particular? Not that I can think of off the top of my head but the door is wide open. I’m up for any challenge and anybody who wants to come get it, come get it,” Hogan said, before being asked about any potential male free agents coming to Impact.

“I loved EC3 when he was in Impact. Before I got signed and before I came in, I was watching Impact on TV and staying up to date with everything in wrestling because that was where I wanted to be. I liked him as a character in Impact and honestly it would be awesome if he came back.”

Thanks to Moose bringing back the TNA World Heavyweight Title, there has been renewed interest in the TNA brand, outside of Impact. As someone who grew up on TNA wrestling, Hogan was asked about her feelings on TNA’s quasi-revival.

“I think it’s awesome to bring back what TNA was because what TNA was is what I watched growing up,” Hogan said. “That’s what I fell in love with; that rugged style that TNA was. It was the black sheep of wrestling. I felt like it was something where all of the misfits would go that couldn’t go to the bigger companies. They accepted everybody and everybody was a different flavor. Everybody was a different person. Everybody was a different character, and everybody worked so well.”

About one year ago Hogan came out and revealed that she was in a relationship with former Knockout Diamante. She discussed what life has been like over the past year.

“It’s been wonderful being just open and myself and not being afraid of being me. Even it’s been working that way for me on TV, as I’m being myself and being, ‘You know, this is me ? you like it or you don’t. Here’s what it is.’ So, I’m just being myself and being open,” said Hogan.

June is Pride Month, but this year’s Pride Month has a different feeling to it against the backdrop of the pandemic. Hogan was asked how she is celebrating Pride Month.

“We haven’t really been in the celebratory mood because this was the year we were excited to go to a lot of different parades in different cities. We did see the ruling in the Supreme Court, which is awesome ? no more discrimination against the LGBTQ community, which is amazing and awesome for Pride Month. Even with everything happening, that gives me so much pride. To not even be in the spirit, but to see that happening, that makes the month for me,” Hogan said.

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