King Mo Claims Davey Boy Smith Jr. Is "Soft", Makes Fun Of His Training Videos

Since debuting in MLW late last year, King Mo got the biggest win of his wrestling career by going over Low Ki at Fightland. Mo talked about working with Low Ki when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.


"It was good; I got my win and got the victory. His cornerman saved him from taking further punishment but Low Ki is a vet and tough as nails. But the young guy came through and got the job done," said Mo.

In regards to using dirty tactics to win the match, Mo called that "fake news" put out by MLW.

"I'm pretty sure what you saw was the edited version ? they call it deep fakes. The truth is that I knocked him out. The true version is me standing over him after a nasty left hook and he went down," said Mo. "But MLW, because the footage was so violent and bloody and atrocious, they edited it to where other things happened. But I know what happened and people in Philly saw what happened. But MLW with their deep fakes, they changed it to make it more family friendly."


As for why he was heavily booed by the Philadelphia crowd, King Mo pointed out that he's from Dallas and is a Cowboys fan.

Mo has a deep respect for the history of pro wrestling and he was asked about getting the honor of taking on Low Ki from the famous ECW Arena.
"I have a great appreciation for the ECW Arena but I'm gonna be real with you. I'm a WCW guy. I'm an NWA guy and I grew up with that and Mid-South Wrestling," revealed Mo. "ECW was more of a Northeastern thing but I'm from the South. Mid-South, WCW, NWA ? that's what I was on. WWF was cool but I was more of a Mid-South, WCW, NWA guy straight up."

Like Mo, the Von Erichs are also from Dallas and they're considered the First Family of Dallas Wrestling. Mo was asked about getting to work with them.

"I'm not gonna lie, it's something special. But it's even more special when I'm kicking their ass in front of the Dallas crowd back at home. Because unlike me, I'm still in the States while these chumps went to Hawaii for a reason," stated Mo. "They left Texas and the South for a reason and that's because they're soft. SOFT! SOOOOOFFFTTTTT!!!!"

He added that the Von Erichs' style works for them but it won't do any good against him.

"It works for them and works for everybody they've beaten. But it won't work against me and they haven't faced me yet. They can do all of the high-flying stuff and kicks and the bar room brawl stuff, but what happens when they get taken down? I put my knee on their belly and start throwing nasty punches at their chins. Then when they turn their backs to me, I throw a rear naked choke and make them tap," said Mo.


"I might not even let them go and I'll let them go to sleep. It's an Ambien pill. I heard they have insomnia so I'm their cure. All they have to do is come to me and I'll help them go to sleep."

With King Mo and Tom Lawlor, MLW has a couple of guys who crossed over from MMA to pro wrestling. Mo discussed his relationship with Lawlor and what they both have in common.

"We're both two ass-kicking experts. We recognize each other's skills. Game recognizes game and much respect to Tom and his team," said Mo. "He knows he needs American Top Team to get the whole job done so he reached out to us. We don't need Filthy Tom and his team but it's a good alliance."

Mo added that Tom told him Davey Boy Smith Jr. is soft. He also said that Low Ki is a clown who has never knocked anyone out before.

"What happened when he faced me? Who won? ?After I whooped Low Ki's ass in Philly, I heard guys talking in the back, 'We can't show this on TV. It's too brutal. BeIN won't let us play this.' Then that's when they did the deep fakes and made the ending different just to please the fans and families that watch MLW. That's all they did," said Mo.

Mo isn't a fan of Davey Boy Smith Jr. and he revealed what happened when he asked Davey to train together.


"Man, he's scared. I asked him, 'Hey do you want this work? Do you wanna train with me?' And I got no text, no response. I heard nothing from him since," stated Mo. "I've just seen a few tweets and videos on Instagram of him doing cute stuff like cartwheels and not no real training like what I'm doing. We train hard at American Top Team and we train to knock out or submit bums. Honestly, my goal isn't to pin nobody. It's to punish people. Punishment ? that's all I'm trying to dish out."

There's been talk of Davey possibly crossing over into MMA as he would seem to possess the abilities to do so. Mo was asked how he thought Davey would fare in the octagon.

"Davey has the skills to be something in MMA and handle his business," admitted Mo. "But he don't have the skills to mess with me. He can't mess with me but he can mess with everybody else. Now, he's a tough guy. He can grapple and has good hands. But let's see what he wants to do."

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