King Mo was an All-American wrestler in college before shifting his focus to MMA afterwards. After over 30 professional MMA fights, and a couple of matches in TNA, Mo is back in the squared circle with MLW.

He likely had many different options in front of him in his return to pro wrestling and Mo revealed why he chose MLW when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“MLW has the names right now and some of the names I wanna work with. Brian Pillman Jr., MJF but now he’s gone, Fatu, Injustice ? there’s a lot of people I think I can take out and build a name for myself,” said Mo. “I made a name for myself in MMA and now it’s time for me to come in wrestling and take over. I’m gonna start in MLW and take over there and then go to another place and wreck shop there as well.”

Mo wore an MLW shirt during his entrance before his final fight with Bellator which showed he had interest in the promotion while still in MMA. He was asked about his relationship with MLW management.

“I’m getting all the opportunities I need. They had no other option as I strong-arm them to get what I want,” Mo stated before being asked about aligning himself with Team Filthy.

“I’m ATT ? American Top Team to the fullest until I die. Me and [team owner] Dan [Lambert] spoke with Team Filthy and we said, ‘Your enemy is now my enemy and let’s work together and eradicate these bums.’ The Von Erichs? Clowns! Low Ki? Clown! Davey Boy ? man I don’t even wanna say his name. Clown!”

Mo had a handful of matches in TNA/Impact in 2013 before returning to the octagon. He was asked how his MLW run differs from his run in Impact.

“In Impact they couldn’t use me as much because I was still competing. I was still out there fighting actively,” said Mo. “Now in MLW, I’m coaching. I might come back and take a few fights here and there. But right now, I’ve gotta make a name for myself in MLW and eliminate all of these bums with Dan.

“Dan talked to me the other day and said, ‘Mo, I’ve got a plan for you.’ He told me the plan and once I execute it, you’re gonna see me with the belt. Maybe all of the belts ? I wanna be a one-man tag team champion. I want all of the belts.”

Mo is still fairly early in his pro wrestling career but he discussed what other dreams he has in the business.

“I want to get to Japan and wrestle there. My goal is to headline a Wrestle Kingdom or make it to a Wrestle Kingdom,” revealed Mo.

“I’d love to work with Naito, that’s my guy. Naito or Ibushi ? I’m a big fan of New Japan. I’m a big fan of Ospreay and I was a big fan of Ring of Honor, AEW. I’m a big fan of pro wrestling in general. As long as people are out there supporting pro wrestling, then it will stay strong. I want it to stay strong so people can watch me do my thing and whoop some ass in the ring.”

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