Earlier this week MLW announced a new streaming deal with DAZN which makes them the first promotion to stream on the US version of the DAZN platform. MLW’s King Mo reacted to that news when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I love it, I love it. Not only can people tune in to watch me to whoop people’s ass on DAZN, but they can watch Anthony Joshua, Canelo and Bellator. You can watch some of the best in pro wrestling, some of the best in MMA and some of the best in boxing all under one banner with DAZN,” Mo said before confirming that Bellator is still under the DAZN umbrella.

With all of these brands from different combat sports under one roof, Mo was asked about the possibility of MLW and Bellator working together.

“I think that could be a possibility. I wouldn’t mind seeing Filthy Tom step in the Bellator cage and get a few wins. I wouldn’t mind MVP [Michael Venom Page] crossing over from Bellator to MLW with me and American Top Team. We could kick some serious ass then,” stated Mo.

“There are a lot of guys at Bellator I was co-workers with that could cross over to MLW and handle business alongside me with your Highness.”

With guys like King Mo and Tom Lawlor making their marks in wrestling after having careers in MMA, Mo was asked if the pro wrestling style in America is moving towards more of a grappling style seen overseas.

“It’s always been that way in a sense. It’s just that the ones who knew what they were doing were ahead of the curve,” said Mo. “Dean Malenko, Gresham, Shibata, Masahiro Chono ? they were doing that in Japan but America was slow to catch on. Now it’s up to me and American Top Team to bring that style to the forefront.”

When asked to describe his wrestling style, King Mo simply said his style is “kicking ass.”

“All of that high-flying spot monkey stuff is cool but it’s not kicking no ass like I am. The flying and the cartwheels ? that’s cool, that’s entertainment ? but throw a punch. The crowd wants to see knockouts. The crowd wants to see submissions. The crowd is cool with seeing flips but what’s it doing? Nothing,” stated Mo.

We’ve gotten an in-depth look at many pro wrestlers away from the ring thanks to Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring but Mo explained why he’s not a fan of the show.

“Let be me honest with you. I can’t watch Dark Side of the Ring because it bothers me. To see wrestlers go through that and dying at a young age and injuries, that bugs me,” revealed Mo. “It’s something you see in MMA, boxing and combat sports. This game isn’t forgiving because once it’s all said and done, you still have demons you have to exercise and get out your system. After you’re done competing, stuff sticks with you and it’s a cold reminder of that.

“For me personally, I’ll watch it later when I’m done doing what I gotta do.”

The Brawl For All was chronicled on one of the Dark Side episodes and Mo was asked what would happen if he was involved in a Brawl For All-type tournament.

“If that happens then it would be me vs. Savio Vega in the finals because Savio can kick some ass,” stated Mo. “The rest of those guys can’t fight. Low Ki is getting eliminated in the first round. Davey Boy will compete. The Von Erichs are bums. But Savio can throw down.

“I pick his brain and I talk to him all the time. I respect him and he’s a man. Savio and Konnan ? those are my dogs right there.”

He then noted that Savio has the second best punches in pro wrestling, only behind himself.

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