Armando Alejandro Montalvo caused another scene on Monday at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. This time two WWE Superstars got involved, and the local police were on the scene.

Montalvo has been on WWE’s radar for several years now and is the man who was shot by an Orange County Deputy outside of the Performance Center back in 2015 after another incident. (The video seen above is from that first incident, nothing recent) Montalvo has been incarcerated and spent time at a state hospital due to his mental health and legal issues over the years, which have included injunctions from WWE and criminal charges from the county, some of which have been related to the original Performance Center incident. As noted back on June 1 at this link, Montalvo and a WWE lawyer had an interesting hearing over recent violations of the original injunction. WWE alleges that Montalvo has continued to harass them and violate the injunction. They are due back in court again soon.

Montalvo has continued to visit the WWE Performance Center, and continued to livestream his adventures on Facebook. He was at the WWE facility last Friday and again on Monday of this week as WWE was apparently taping footage for RAW or SmackDown.

As seen in the video below, WWE Superstars Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans got involved in the situation at one point. The exchange sounds as if they were teasing Montalvo after he asked for a hug, or asked to possibly make his Monday Night RAW debut. Montalvo often rants about being “the best in the business” and having a feud with The McMahon Family, among others. Evans could’ve been trying to help Montalvo out as she has been an advocate for mental health awareness in the past.

“The opportunity to what? Debut on Monday Night RAW?,” Montalvo asked Evans and Brooke.

They continued to egg him on, noting that it was 8:32 and they were going live on TV, telling Montalvo that he had to make a decision now because they were busy.

“Let’s go where?,” Montalvo asked, hopeful for an appearance on WWE TV. He then asked the nearby police if they would be taking him to jail for “this” opportunity. Montalvo had been suspicious that he was being set up or trapped, and that’s when he got angry. An officer can be heard telling him to make common sense decisions.

“Common sense? Common sense is Lacey and all you Divas are trying to set me up to go back to jail,” Montalvo yelled. “Hell nah, I love my freedom too much!”

Montalvo continued yelling back and forth with the wrestlers. He ranted, “That’s why they’re trying to chop off my ring ringer and put it in a refrigerator to bail McMahon out of debt for his Xtreme Football League!”

Montalvo went on about how he was getting set up. Brooke and Evans can be heard egging him on some more after he was apparently told by someone else to leave.

“Who wants to see me debut on Monday Night RAW? Who wants to see me never go back to jail for this wrestling dream? You know I deserve it,” Montalvo yelled out.

Montalvo is due back in court with WWE’s lawyers soon and this time it will be an in-person hearing, not a virtual call as it was last time due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates.

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