Man Previously Shot At The WWE PC Streams Hearing With WWE Lawyer, Wants To Subpoena The McMahons

Armando Alejandro Montalvo was involved in a show cause hearing with a WWE lawyer and an Orange County, Florida judge in Orlando, FL earlier this morning.

As noted last week, WWE recently filed to take Montalvo back to court due to incidents in May at the WWE Performance Center. Montalvo has been on WWE's radar since being shot by an Orange County sheriff's deputy back in in 2015 (The video seen above is from that first incident, nothing recent). WWE took Montalvo back to civil court over how they allege that he has ignored a judge's injunction from March 22, 2019. You can read about Montalvo's history with WWE and what happened at the incidents in May, with statements from members of WWE's security team, by clicking here.

Today's hearing was held by phone call due to courthouse restrictions due to COVID-19. Montalvo, representing himself, phoned in from the parking deck of the courthouse after driving down to file his own motion on the morning of the hearing. Montalvo also livestreamed his entire courthouse visit on Facebook, and the attorney for WWE made it clear that they knew he was livestreaming. You can see video from this morning at the end of this post.

WWE's lawyer told the judge that the company is tired of spending money and investing resources into keeping Montalvo off their properties and from harassing their employees. Montalvo argued that he has the right to walk where he wants to in the city of Orlando, and wherever else he might be. As far as his behavior, he said yelling outside of the WWE buildings is no different than any other wrestling fan who voices their opinions.

At one point the judge asked Montalvo if he would agree to stay 1,000 feet from WWE property, but Montalvo would not agree to that. He mentioned wanting to face Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon in court, and possibly getting a match with CM Punk or getting the chance to wash the hair of "the Divas" if a potential agreement was reached. Montalvo made several bizarre statements during the hearing, and was reprimanded by the judge at one point after addressing her as "babygirl" several times. He mentioned several times how he "is the business" and offers the WWE Universe a product that is much better than the one WWE produces right now.

The judge ended up announcing that she will be scheduling an evidentiary hearing so Montalvo and WWE's attorney can present evidence after the judge determined that WWE's attorney wants the court to punish Montalvo for going against the injunction. The WWE lawyer plans to show footage of his recent antics outside of the Performance Center, which some can be viewed in the post linked above. WWE's lawyer also noted that they want to come to a conclusion in the case, so they're not back in court with Montalvo in a few years, fighting the same case as they are now.

The judge did not set a date for the evidentiary hearing, but said it would be soon. The hearing will take place some time after next Monday as that is when the Orange County courts open back up for in-person hearings as they have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Montalvo argued that he has the right to face his accusers in person, and the judge apparently acknowledged that as she agreed to hold the evidentiary hearing in person when the courts open back up, not over the phone. Montalvo mentioned wanting to subpoena Triple H and the McMahon family, but it remains to be seen if that will be allowed. The judge and WWE's lawyer did not respond to that request.

Stay tuned for more on the case. You can listen to Montalvo's entire hearing from today in his Facebook video seen below: