As previously reported, Matt Riddle has been accused of sexual assault by WWN wrestler Candy Cartwright. Cartwright claimed that Riddle assaulted her in a van in 2018. She claimed that three other wrestlers were in the van who were asleep. She alleged that Riddle grabbed her by her throat after she refused his advances, and went on to perform oral sex to avoid having intercourse with him.

There was a screenshot being shared on social media today of a direct message between Riddle and a fan, where Riddle denied the accusations. Wrestling Inc. has been able to confirm with a source close to the situation that the exchange between Riddle and the fan is legitimate.

After the fan DM’d Riddle about the accusations, Riddle wrote, “The fact that you think I’d do something like this makes me sad bro, you don’t need to be my fan/friend but try not to believe every story you hear especially with no prove [sic]. Have a great day.”

When asked why the woman would lie, Riddle replied, “Why does anybody lie? She has been harassing me for years I’ve had to change my number 3 times and I almost got a restraining order against her but didn’t wanna ruin her career.”

Riddle also revealed that he has been speaking with WWE about pressing charges against Cartwright for defamation and cyber stalking.

“My lawyer and WWE are already in motion to press charges for defamation and cyber stalking / bullying,” Riddle wrote. “But believe what you want bro why listen to logic or facts.”

Riddle is scheduled to make his debut as a member of the SmackDown roster tonight. WWE issued a statement noting that they are looking into the allegations:

“We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.”

You can view the text exchange below: