Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy had a face-off to close out last night’s AEW Dynamite in the lead-up to their July 8 match at Fyter Fest (8 pm ET on TNT).

After Chris Jericho verbally ran down Cassidy in the ring, the two brawled their way up into the stands where Jericho cut Cassidy’s ear by throwing a jib (swinging camera) at him. You can see it at the 3:55 mark in the video above.

As seen below, after the show, medical staff worked on Cassidy’s ear backstage with Best Friends looking on. Trent asked the doctor if the injury was bad and he responded, “No, he’ll be fine, but he could develop a cauliflower ear.”

Cassidy was also asked on Twitter if he was doing okay.

“All good, thank you for asking,” Cassidy responded.