As noted, WWE announced on Thursday evening that Paul Heyman has been removed as the head of creative for RAW. Heyman is no longer the Executive Director of the red brand. WWE is consolidating the RAW and SmackDown creative teams into one group, which will be led by Bruce Prichard. You can read the original report with WWE’s statement at this link, and a backstage update on WWE talents being concerned with Heyman being demoted at this link.

It was also reported here how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been “very upset” and openly “frustrated” with RAW as of late.

In an update, it was reported by @Wrestlevotes that the RAW brand has been “a mess” lately. The report pointed to how at times the RAW creative plans have changed as late as when the show is hitting the air, which has been reported often over the years. While the blame hasn’t been put solely on Heyman, he is the one taking the fall now.

“It couldn’t continue like this,” a source noted to @Wrestlevotes.

It will be interesting to see how the product changes with Prichard running creative for both brands now. Stay tuned for updates on the latest WWE creative shake-up.