Renee Young and Corey Graves reunited on the latest episode of the After The Bell podcast. Young had mistakenly said that she was grateful for Twitter before quickly correcting herself saying that she deleted the Twitter app on her phone. Graves said he contemplated doing the same but missed the instant news. Young was not active on social media until she tweeted the news of her testing positive for COVID-19, and Graves had deleted/deactivated his account briefly before bringing his account back where his tweets are promotions for his podcasts.

“I just took Twitter off my phone,” Young revealed. “So I kept Instagram because looking at pictures is fine and cool, but looking at stuff on Twitter was literally making my brain melt. So I’ve taken it off my phone for the time being, and it’s a good life. I don’t need it.

“I can understand that. I can relate,” Graves remarked. “I’ve taken it off my phone, but I’m a news junkie more so than anything. I love to know news as it’s happening. Obviously, Twitter not the most reliable source for news all the time, but it’s nice to know that if something’s going down, it happens faster than I can refresh my phone.

“I agree, and that’s also what I like it for, but that’s what I felt like. I felt like I was sitting on my coach refreshing, refreshing, refreshing [and] looking at something,” Young noted. “I was like, ‘what are you doing?’ I literally took it off my phone and was like, ‘here’s an idea, why don’t you go read a book outside loser.’ So I went into that, and it was lovely. I truly felt better for having done it.”

Graves brought up them pitching an idea of him and Young hosting a morning show or bringing back the ’80s TNT WWE talk show Tuesday Night Titans. Graves said that there were concept photos that were shown behind the scenes but nothing came of it.

Graves said, “Here’s my hamfisted attempt at us pitching for our morning show or bringing back Tuesday Night Titans.”

“Oh my God,” Young reacted. “Why does that not exist? Why is there no Tuesday Night Titans? I don’t understand. Am I talking to the wrong people. Do we need a better pitch?”

“We got those great photos when we were on the set of Main Event that I still haven’t other than the one you sent,” Graves noted. “You posted one, but I haven’t seen those legit ones.”

“What do you we have to do to get that show? That’s the dream,” Young said.”

Young and Graves reminisced about their time working together on RAW. They talk about trying to entertain each other while working a three-hour show like Young’s “small package” line that made her laugh uncontrollably on air. They joked about having a alcohol sponsorship so they could drink during the third hour of the show.

Young asked, “When can I get a wine sponsorship and I just start drinking during the third hour of the show?”

“I doubled-down with you,” Graves said. “If I could have an old-fashioned in my hand just getting with that vibe.”

Young noted how surprised she is that she never got in trouble for the things she said on air. She noted that she called Graves and Baron Corbin swear words, but no one said anything backstage.

“Honestly, I can’t believe that I never said something that got me in insane amounts of trouble,” Young pointed out. “I called you a [swear word], and I called Corbin a [swear word], but no one said anything.”

Graves wondered if Young has tried to avoid WWE vernacular in her real life as Young mentioned that she tries to keep the PG language on air. She says she tries her best to not get too ingrained in the WWE way of speaking or using wrestling terms.

“Yes,” Young answered. “I want to say for years I’m not doing it. I’m not getting into the vernacular. That’s one of the reasons I started doing my old podcast, ‘Regular Girls.’ I need to do something with somebody from outside of wrestling so that I don’t get into these speech patterns.”

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