WWE NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley had her Wendigo leg tattoo completed this week.

The piece was done by an artist named Celeste at Built 4 Speed Tattoo in Orlando, Florida. Ripley took to Instagram Stories to post a shot of the completed piece while Celeste also posted a photo to Instagram. You can see both photos below.

We noted back in March at this link how Ripley’s artist began work on the design of her Wendigo, which is a mythological man-eating beast or evil spirit from Native folklore.

Ripley revealed during an interview at this link that WWE wasn’t clearing her upper body for any new ink, which is why she wears pants now so she doesn’t have to get approval for those tattoos. She said she’s wanted to become the most tattooed human ever since she was a kid.

“My dream since being a little girls is to be the most tattooed human ever. I just love tattoos, I don’t know why! I’ve always loved them. But, unfortunately for me, WWE isn’t clearing my upper body [for tattoos] ? that’s why I wear pants! I got pants so I wouldn’t have to clear my tattoos because you can’t see them. I’m trying to finish my leg sleeves, then hopefully I can convince people to let me get my arm sleeves and other stuff, but we’ll see how that goes,” Ripley said, laughing.

You can see photos of the final look of Ripley’s new leg tattoo below:

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Many apologies for the glare on this Wendigo.

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