Ryback On Why He Would've Turn Down Nexus Reunion

On a recent episode of the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report on the Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback podcast, Ryback was asked by Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri about the revelation revealed by Darren Young that the Nexus was slated to return at WrestleMania 36. Wade Barrett aka Stu Bennett was on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he was also asked about the potential of a Nexus return. Ryback confirmed Bennett's statements of the return being a minor thing, stating it was just for WWE Axxess signings.

"I talked to Stu a little bit about it. I'm not gonna be involved with anything with them," Ryback stated. "If that was going to happen, it's not going to involve me at all with everything going on right now, specifically with my 'Ryback' trademark, in August. We're waiting to see if they're gonna drop that or not. If not, we got to start that whole dispute with all that. From what was explained to me, it was just for Axxess signings."

Ryback continued, "I think WWE low-balled the group, whoever was involved in different things. Whatever it was, it wasn't to bring the group back for an angle. That's not to say if they did bring them back and it got a great reception, they [wouldn't] do something to follow-up on RAW. If it was going well, maybe they would bring everyone back. That is a very real possibility, but what was explained to me was Axxess."

Ryback was asked if he was offered to return with The Nexus, what would he say. He said he would reject the offer, deciding instead to stay focused on returning for a singles career.

"It would be 'no'. I've overcome too much," Ryback admitted. "I love the group. I love the guys. I was in that for a very short period of time as a different character. What I'm working for, to come back, in a singles role for me to fulfill my destiny, the things I want to achieve in pro wrestling. I love being part of the group.

"I think at some point, if it was ever at a different time, possibly if I was back and involved in wrestling. But right now, specifically, everything I walked away from, as Ryback overcoming all the injuries, stem cells and the personal things, [I would want] come back in a singles role, overcoming all this adversity. As great as that would be. What would it be with what I'm working to come back from at this point? That's not to say, again, at a different time, absolutely. I have nothing but love or respect for everybody in the group. But, right now, my interest is in coming back as Ryback."

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