Sonya Deville Says She's "Working On" Auditioning For Batwoman Role

WWE Superstar Sonya Deville recently did an interview with where she discussed her interest in playing the lead role in the CW's Batwoman series. It was announced shortly after the series' season one finale that lead actress Ruby Rose would not return for season two. Deville talked about replacing Rose and wanting to do her own thing with the character.

"I think that's always cool because Ruby obviously did a great job with the character, and you don't ever want to be a different version of somebody else," Deville stated. "You want to be a new version of yourself, and so I think that would be an amazing opportunity to create a new role and bring something very different to it, you know?"

Deville is WWE's first openly-gay Superstar, and Batwoman is one of the most iconic openly-gay superheroes in comic books. Deville talked about what it would mean for her to take on the role of Batwoman.

"Yeah, absolutely. Growing up in general as a female, female superheroes are so inspiring and so cool, but they weren't always the most prevalent," Deville noted. "You had Wonder Woman and Batwoman, but it was so cool to me to not only see a strong female being portrayed on a network like The CW, but that Batwoman is gay.

"That was so, so cool to me. I remember seeing when Ruby Rose got the part and being like, 'Oh my God, that's so badass.' The fact they want to keep it in the LGBTQ+ community I think is something that's really, really cool. I would love to be able to be the one to continue that inspiring message."

Becky Lynch currently has an undisclosed role in an upcoming Marvel film. There has been no official word if Deville has been contacted by the CW, and she talked about whether she has had an audition for the role yet.

"In progress. I'm working on it," Deville laughingly said. "I'll say that."