At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Velveteen Dream lost to Adam Cole in a Last Chance Backlot Brawl for the NXT Championship. That has prompted many to wonder if that means Dream will be called up to the main roster shortly after spending the last four years in developmental.

Triple H was asked about Dream possibly leaving NXT during a post-TakeOver media call.

“At any given time, there is opportunity for talent to shift and move whether that’s Velveteen Dream or anyone else. You can only be in the same place for so long doing the same things with the same people. Much like you saw Finn Balor coming here, I think you’ll see that back and forth,” revealed Triple H.

“As far as Velveteen Dream specifically goes, you have to wait and see. But there’s always gonna be movement of talent. I think it’s great that people think anytime someone loses a match then they must be leaving. But it keeps people guessing and that’s when this business is at its most special. Sometimes predictable things are good but other times that unpredictable level and being surprised, to me, that’s when this business is really fun. It’s open for everybody but you’ll have to wait and watch.”

Dream came up short to Adam Cole who is the longest-reigning NXT Champion in brand history. Cole is also an NXT Triple Crown champion and Hunter discussed how valuable he has been to the NXT brand.

“I can’t say enough, not only about Adam Cole the performer and what he brings to the table? if I were to place money on anybody to steal the show, Adam Cole is a sure bet. But that aside, the professional, the leader, the example, the human being ? I don’t know if I can speak any higher of anyone than Adam Cole. He’s that level of performer,” said Triple H.

“He’s not only the kind of guy you want as a contributor because he’s that good, but he’s the kind of guy you wanna work with and work for. You wanna work hard to do things to help him succeed as he’s just that kinda guy. He’s the consummate pro and I love working with him.”

It’s very rare for a wrestling event to happen and there be everyone that walks away injury-free. Hunter was asked about any injuries sustained during In Your House.

“The only thing I’ve heard of being banged up is Johnny Gargano with his lower back and hips tight. I think he tweaked himself a little bit. The doctors don’t think it’s anything serious but he’s a bit battered. Everyone else seemed to be great and healthy so adrenaline is a magical thing,” stated Triple H.

He then admitted that it was a physical night likely because the talent has been pent up. He also said that there was a palpable buzz and specialness in the air.

“The energy was very high and you could see it in the work rate. It’s like they were taking out the last couple of months of people locked in the house out there tonight. Right now everyone is healthy and hopefully it will stay that way. We had a very successful night and I wouldn’t wanna take the shine off that at all with somebody unnecessarily getting injured,” said Triple H.

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