WWE 2K20 received a lot of backlash upon release so much so that Sony granted refunds to consumers. The game was mired with bugs and glitches that made gameplay near impossible for some gamers and blame was placed after the game's developer Yuke's parted ways with 2K Sports.

2K announced that WWE Battlegrounds will be released as a replacement for WWE 2K21 this fall. Recently, WWE 2K's executive producer connected with the WWE 2K community through a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

Gilmore said that the next 2K game, whether it will be WWE 2K21 or WWE 2K22, will be built focusing on six key areas (h/t to Forbes). Those six key areas were identified as Core Gameplay, Emergence, WWEX, Online, Character and Create.

While details were sparse, ] fans appreciated that their complaints and concerns look like they will be addressed in the next WWE 2K game.

Core Gameplay and Emergence look to focus on improving gameplay mechanics as well as fix glitches that tend to happen when playing a TLC match. WWEX is an abbreviation for WWE Experience, and it appears that it will give fans the ability to have their own customized in-game experience creating custom match types and story modes. Gilmore said that he wanted the story menu to look more like the WWE Network.

Online will look to address the game's server strength and stability has many users have had an inconsistent experience playing the online mode in WWE 2K games. It is likely that the next WWE 2K game will be coming out when next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) release giving the developers an opportunity to improve graphics and the way the characters in the game look.

Finally, Gilmore acknowledged that WWE 2K's most popular feature is the creation suite. However, there were many bugs that users had to deal with in 2K20. Gilmore talked about wanting to improve that and give those fans a better tool to use.