Sony Granting Refunds To WWE 2K20 Buyers

As noted on Tuesday, which was WWE 2K20 launch day, most of the gamers who purchased the game are not happy. The #FixWWE2K20 hashtag has been trending since Tuesday morning as fans have been upset with everything from bad graphics, to missing features, items being left out of their Collector's Editions, and hundreds of other issues. You can read our original report on the issues by clicking here and you can read what WWE Hall of Famer Edge is doing to help by clicking here.


In an update, Sony has been granting refunds to PlayStation 4 users. There's no word yet on Microsoft doing the same for Xbox One users, but the topic on social media today is how the game really is that bad, bad enough that Sony is giving refunds.

There have been some users who have reported having their refund request denied, but it seems like Sony is granting the majority of requests. One user speculated that it could come down to connecting with the right support specialist.

You can see some of the related tweets on refunds below: