WWE Champion Drew McIntyre sat down with Sports Matters TV to discuss his early days of his wrestling career traveling around with Sheamus. McIntyre was also asked about a potential feud with Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship.

Mahal and McIntyre are former members of the 3MB stable alongside Heath Slater. Slater has said before that he would love to see a McIntyre-Mahal feud, and McIntyre has teased that fans will get to see “a whole new” Mahal in the future.

In regards to a world title feud, McIntyre says that it would need to be built properly since the two have a lot of backstory that can be played off of.

“I think there should. It should be at a WrestleMania or any PPV as long as there’s an appropriate build and an appropriate story told for the fans to invest in,” McIntyre noted. “It’s not just 3MB. There’s so much more to it than that. There’s what happened in the ring and especially down the ring that people don’t know about in our personal private lives and what was going on at the time especially with me.

“He was there the whole time, both getting fired and me trying to go out there in the independents to make my name. He went off, kind of gave up [and] stopped working out. He turned his life around, went back to WWE and became WWE Champion before me. It wasn’t exactly universally praised as when I won the WWE Championship, so there’s so many possible layers to this story that the world has seen on television and have not seen. It could make for one of the most memorable feuds of all time. There’s so much material.”

Mahal returned to action in April after having surgery for a ruptured patella. He revealed on Instagram this week that he had another knee operation.

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