Zack Clayton is more than just a recurring member of MTV’s Jersey Shore, he is also an independent wrestler. He was asked how he would describe Zack Clayton when he joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

“Somebody you need to see. He might not be very friendly, but you should definitely check him out. I love wrestling, man. Especially showing new fans who might even not really know what wrestling is, just showing them to appreciate the art and the performance side of it is just awesome. Every time it’s just so much better,” said Clayton, who then talked about his training.

“So, what I did was it started six years ago in upstate New York in a very small company there, just to learn the basics and then learn how to do a show. I knew that I had to get onto somebody that could show me to be where I wanted to be. So yeah, then I went to Johnny Rodz and had so much fun there.”

Clayton continued, “He was great. Obviously, if you know who he is it’s a great learning experience. And I got to do a lot of cool things with him and who he would bring out to his shows and in training, and we got to work with CMLL. So, I did my first TV appearances there with him through that time, so that was really cool to learn how to do all that during that time period.”

Clayton was asked what was the hardest thing for him to learn.

“Learning how to work for cameras. The actual, physical part of it came very natural and easy to me,” revealed Clayton. “Since day one I’ve been an athlete all my life, and it’s what I train my body to do. So, that part of it was very easy for me, without trying to sound too arrogant [laughs].
But it is, and that’s the fun part. And then the learning experience is also a bigger, fun part for me like learning how to do camera work and character work is the different side of it. That’s really fun.”

Clayton’s girlfriend is JWoww of Jersey Shore fame who also appeared in TNA around 10 years ago. Clayton discussed her reaction to him wrestling, as well as her appearance in TNA.

“It’s so funny because whenever she did that, it must be 10 years ago, I think. I thought it was awesome, but she hates whenever anyone brings it up, which I get because if you’re not involved in the business, you don’t really like it. You don’t get the point of it, but it was so cool,” Clayton said.

“She loves what I’m doing, and she really hopes that since it’s what I’ve always wanted to do and still want to do, she hopes that I can do that for myself,” Clatyon said. “She’s very supportive and I appreciate that very much. She makes sure that I get what I want out of whatever opportunity I have with wrestling. So, I’m thankful for that.”

JWoww has been on TV for over a decade now and has a bevy of entertainment advice she can lend Clayton.

“She really does and she’s really smart. She’s smart. And I would love her to be a part of it with me, someday,” revealed Clayton. “I have to convince her, but, I’m not too sure about it.”

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