WWE NXT Superstar Adam Cole took to Twitter today and issued a statement on last week’s incident on The Pat McAfee Show.

Cole and McAfee have taken jabs at each other since 2018, and that led to a heated moment during one of McAfee’s podcasts last week. McAfee had taken shots at Cole’s NXT Title reign, and his height, among other comments. Cole ended up shoving a microphone to the ground and yelling at McAfee, and then shoving his co-host before storming off.

Cole tweeted an apology today and said he’s embarrassed by how he reacted to McAfee’s comments.

“I’ve had the weekend to think about everything, and it’s still hard to put into words where to begin,” Cole wrote. “First of all, to anyone that I offended, I apologize. I apologize because I represent a brand that commands respect. Not just because of what we do in the ring, but how we handle ourselves outside the ring. Even though he continued to push my buttons, I still should have kept my composure and acted like a professional. I’m embarrassed by my reaction, and I will make sure something like that never happens again. Thanks for the continued support everyone.”

Stay tuned for updates on the matter. You can click here for video from the incident and McAfee’s original comments. Below is Cole’s full Twitter statement from today: