FTR On Which Tag Teams Are Their Dream Opponents, The Four Horsemen

During an interview with Inside The Ropes, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood discussed why they left WWE, the differences between Tony Khan and Vince McMahon, and doing Jim Cornette's podcast to the disgruntlement of AEW wrestlers. The group also talked about the Four Horsemen and a recent comment by Ric Flair to Wrestling Inc. saying someone should try and recreate the Horsemen from a modern day angle.

Cash Wheeler talked about the prospect of a new reincarnation of the Four Horsemen in AEW. Wheeler mentioned how he would love to be a part of a group the caliber of the Horsemen, but he isn't sure who he'd want to join him and Harwood.

"There will never be another Four Horsemen," Wheeler said. "I would love to do a group that follows in their footsteps, reminds people and grabs their attention. I want to bring that to us so we can put it on other people in the process. I don't know if I have a perfect incarnation of it, obviously we have to be in it 'cause we're the only people who enjoy caring about making people hate us. Maybe you could do the Four Horsemen with just us two."

On the June 10 episode of AEW Dynamite, FTR defeated The Butcher and The Blade in their first match with the company. During the match, a camera cut to Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard in the stands taking notes. Dax talked about Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard watching FTRs match from the crowd and how inspired that made them. He also mentioned a former co-worker from WWE who texted them about it and what she had to say.

"We were texting with Bayley actually," Harwood said. "She sent the picture and said 'How incredible is this,' and I sat back and thought about it and it made me very emotional because those guys are big fans of ours. That's something special to both of us."

Harwood continued to suggest who he'd like to see in a reincarnation of the Four Horsemen in AEW.

"If I had to choose 2 other people to put in the group, I don't even know where I'd start. You have a great guy like MJF, you have Wardlow, Adam Page is quickly becoming one of our close buddies. Maybe it's just me, but what about Arn and Tully."

As for what's next for FTR, they will be facing The Lucha Bros at Fight for the Fallen on July 15th. Regarding other potential dream opponents, the group had this to say:

"First, we have to smack the piss out of Kenny Omega for pouring out our beer," Wheeler said. "We said we're the best tag team on the planet for a long time, we've proved it so obviously right now our sights are set on tag team gold. We want to be AEW Tag Team Champions, we want to run through the entire division."

FTR confirmed in the interview that the group isn't yet signed to an official long-term AEW contract. Harwood explained how the group believes it gives them the opportunity to go outside of AEW and face other top tag teams in the professional wrestling world.

"The advantage we have to not being officially signed yet is we can look broader than AEW," Harwood said. "Obviously the match everyone is waiting for is The Young Bucks. We're waiting for that too because after we beat Kenny and Page and become Tag Team Champions, the next step is to beat The Young Bucks and officially be called the greatest tag team in the world.

"On top of that, there's guys that were excited to face. The North, those guys are an incredible tag team. Obviously we've got tagged a lot about FTR vs. The Briscoe [Brothers]. I guarantee you we can beat the hell out of them easy, but I'd love to test my skill and grit against them. Then across the pond in New Japan, Juice Robinson and Dave Finley, that's the team we're looking forward to working with. Tama Tonga and his brother also."

Finally, Harwood talked about the main goal for FTR throughout this journey post-WWE and through the end of their careers.

"Ultimately, we want to stack up tag team gold. Before we're done, people can say Tully and Arn were one of the greatest, Midnight Express were one of the greatest, but FTR is the best we've ever seen.' "

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Inside The Ropes with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.