Ric Flair Says He Is For A Reinvention Of The Four Horsemen Following Cody Teases

Ric Flair recently re-signed with WWE but he still stays abreast of their biggest competition in AEW. Flair talked about seeing some of his good friends working within the company when he joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.


"To be honest with you, I have not watched it that much. Only because my relationship with Tony is great and all that, but it's better for me not to talk wrestling," stated Flair. "I am happy as hell they brought Arn in and I did see the replay of the stuff with Arn and Jake [Roberts], which I thought was interesting.

"I'm happy any time that the legends get a second a TV. So, without getting into it because I don't watch it ? I did at the beginning obviously just to see how they were gonna do ? but I'm happy that Arn has got a spot and I couldn't speak more of a person than I do of Cody."

Flair then talked more about what Cody has done in AEW and the love he has for the Rhodes family.

"[Cody] stepped away and I don't think there's any hard feelings anywhere. Our company goes out of its way to honor the Dusty Rhodes sermon," said Flair. "So, my hat's off to WWE and it's business and we all stay on the high side of it. If everybody would take that approach where there could be two companies without making it personal, which unfortunately some people do, but I'm happy for him as a man. I will call [Cody's mother] Michelle periodically and say, 'You gotta be proud.'


"The world title thing he did was an exact duplicate of the thing with me and Vader and me and Gene [Okerlund]. To prove what a businessman he is, he lost. So, there you go. What everybody thought would be his first world title, he dropped the fall and was even better for it."

Cody has been teasing a reinvention of the Four Horsemen in AEW and Flair discussed if he would have a problem with that.

"No, I'd be for it. No matter who does it or how it's done, it's attributed to us. To this day, I'll see Arn and we'll do a signing now and then and the whole joint walks around with their four fingers up, to this day. If we're together for a signing, and even if we're on different sides of the world, the people that come back and forth to get a signature or picture, they're all doing the same thing," revealed Flair.

"But I tell him, just imagine if we had been in the era of marketing? Or if we had been working with WWE who knew and knows how to market? The marketing, in some cases, can make you bigger and better than you are. I don't like to see that but it does exist. But I'm happy for all the money that everybody makes because they earn it. They're earning it right now despite the health issues. So, I'm happy to see them all making money for the Four Horsemen or whatever. Guys like Arn and, I hope, myself and Tully and Barry will always have a place. And of course the infamous JJ Dillon [laughs]."


When asked why he hasn't fully invested in AEW, Flair admitted that he focused more on NXT on Wednesdays due to Charlotte being a part of that brand.

"I gotta stay true to the brand, you know what I mean? When Charlotte was there, I was really watching it hard. But, this is what I read, they might be having more SmackDown and Raw people appear there so now I'll be watching it even more," said Flair. "That's so I can keep up with it so if someone asks me a question, I've got the go-to answer [laughs]."

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