AJ Styles Shoots Again On Paul Heyman: "It's Hard To Find Anyone Who Likes Him"

A few weeks after calling Paul Heyman "a bold face liar", AJ Styles once again discussed how thrilled he was to move to Friday Night Smackdown because he could no longer "stand to look at Heyman," the former Executive Director of Raw.

While addressing the Heyman situation on his Mixer video game streaming channel, Styles admitted that he moved to Smackdown the minute an opportunity came his way.

"The reason I went to Smackdown is because I couldn't stand looking at Heyman. I just can't stand a liar. I am a grown man. Why lie about anything? He didn't have to say anything. I told myself, 'if and when an opportunity comes to move to Smackdown, I had to do it,'" Styles said on Wednesday night.

Styles also revealed that upon conversations with peers in the industry, he realized that he "was not the only one" who had similar feelings towards Heyman.

"I talked to a lot of guys about this situation. You wouldn't believe the amount of guys who despise this guy because of his lies. Whenever he screwed up, he'd try to put them under the bus. I have heard this from so many different people," added Styles.

Styles, the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion, went onto admit that he was shocked to learn of the amount of wrestlers who shared his opinion on Heyman.

"It is hard to find someone who actually likes him," Styles claimed. "And I didn't know this because I assumed that everyone likes him. I thought only I hated him."

Furthermore, Styles touched upon Vince McMahon's decision to fire Heyman as Raw's lead writer.

"The reason Vince is smart is he can see all his (Heyman's) crap," Styles said. "Vince saw what everybody already knew. He was like, 'you know what man, you've done some great things in the past but you're not well liked here. Please hit the bricks'."

Styles added that Heyman is "good at being an advocate of Brock Lesnar" but isn't necessarily cut out to handle talent and run the creative process on Monday Night Raw.

Styles added that Heyman has nobody to blame but himself for his current situation.

"He (Heyman) has to blame himself because he has slighted a lot of people," said Styles. "This is the business that he has found a way to be successful in. Anyway, it was a lot of trash."

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