Bobby Lashley turned 44 yesterday, and made it known he still wants Brock Lesnar in a WWE ring.

“Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes,” Lashley wrote on Twitter. “Same as last year, my only wish is for @BrockLesnar to finally get in the ring with me. #BobbyVsBrock @WWE @WWEonFOX

Lashley returned to WWE in April of 2018, and a clash was Lesnar was thought to be in the cards between the two at some point. The two Superstars have yet to ever meet in the ring.

Just last month, Lashley joined Table Talk with D-Von Dudley and fantasy booked a storyline between himself and Lesnar.

“Brock comes in for a title match. Him and Drew are going after it,” Lashley lays out. “Something happens. Bobby slides in the ring. Drew just beat Bobby. Bobby wants Brock. Who does he go after? I take [McIntyre] out. Let me and Brock run as the modern day Road Warriors and kill each other for a while.

“Then it gets to the point where Paul Heyman is saying, ‘I have the single greatest fighter/wrestler in the history of this business. The best tag team in the history of this business.’ Who are you talking about? Are you talking about me, or are you talking about him? I think some of the best feuds are the feuds that have guys that were friends beforehand. Let me and Brock run as a tag team being just crazy for a while, until it gets to the point where ego takes over and draws us apart.”