AEW Dynamite has been on national television for less than a year and the new wrestling promotion has taken giant strides already. Brandi Rhodes, the company’s Chief Brand Officer, never expected TNT to grant AEW another hour of weekly content, let alone extend Dynamite on the air until 2023.

“When you have a great team and the right mix of folk working together, you kind of expect things to go well. However, I will admit that things have gone better and faster than I expected. I did not expect that within the first year, TNT would grant us another hour of content and re-up our deal for Dynamite so quickly,” Brandi told SportsKeeda in an interview.

Although Brandi is a realist who prefers “setting goals that are attainable,” the success of AEW has forced her to re-evaluate her expectations going forward.

“Every time I hear the weekly numbers of merchandise sales, I am absolutely blown away and floored. I didn’t set low expectations but reasonable expectations, and we have surpassed them all. Maybe it is time [for me] to up those expectations,” added Brandi.

Besides serving as a top ranking AEW executive, Brandi also wrestles as one half of the Nightmare Sisters alongside Allie. Brandi revealed that she has set aside some goals as an on-air performer.

“I am goal-oriented with all aspects of in-ring performance. Physique is a huge part of what I present when I enter the ring. I turned 37 last month, and I’m still one of the most in-shape people on the roster,” said Brandi, who started wrestling a few years ago after serving as an announcer in WWE.

When asked to touch upon her various responsibilities as AEW’s Chief Brand Officer, Brandi said a lot of people “had no clue” as to what the role entails.

“It involves working with PR guys, helping write press releases, copy for websites, and really working on everything in that realm. From media tours, to post shows, to media scrums – all that is part of my crew. On the flip side, I also have a hand in marketing,” revealed Brandi.

Brandi, the significant other of AEW EVP Cody Rhodes, also hosts a cooking channel titled, “A Taste of Brandi” on YouTube.

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