On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley retained his title against Brian Cage after Taz decided to throw in the towel for his client. Before the match, Moxley said he was going after Cage’s surgically repaired biceps, and that’s exactly what he did.

Throughout the match, Moxley worked Cage’s arm and eventually got him into a cross armbreaker, refusing to let it go no matter how Cage flipped him around. Taz finally decided enough was enough and threw in his signature orange towel to end the match, saving Cage from further damage.

“Some of you DO understand why I did what I did during the #AEW World Title match between @JonMoxley v @MrGMSI_BCage,” Taz wrote afterwards on Twitter. “But for those who are mad about it, understand this I would do the exact same thing in that same situation again.”

Cage is apparently not happy with Taz’s decision and wrote earlier today he may split ways with him.

“It’s been a rough couple of days, and @OfficialTAZ and I have gone back and forth,” Cage wrote. “I’ve considered relieving him of his duties, and wanted to immediately after the match. I’ll wait and see how I feel after the weekend. Regardless, I never tapped. I wasn’t gonna tap. I only need one arm to drop Mox on his head. I technically may no longer be undefeated, but I’m still unbeaten. And more importantly, the answer to the question ‘Who betta than Cage?’ is still NOBODY!”

After the match, Cage attempted to beat up Moxley, but after the lights went out and came back on, Darby Allin made his return and the save. Allin has been out of action thanks to Cage brutally attacking him at AEW Double or Nothing.