After the Inner Circle got “juiced” by Orange Cassidy on last night’s AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen, Jericho got into a back-and-forth with Rock singer, Sebastian Bach. Bach was the frontman of Skid Row in the 80s and 90s before moving on to other bands and a solo singing career.

It all started on Twitter when a fan said he thought Jericho is starting to look like Bach.

“Every single day for the last two or three years somebody tells me this [thinking emoji],” Bach responded.

Jericho initially kept it cordial saying, “Good looking guys are good looking guys. What else can we say dude!”

As more fans spoke with Bach about how other wrestlers sound like him, etc, he called wrestling “bulls—” and “fake.” Things then took a turn when Bach said any videos he’s seen of Jericho singing, he “mimes to a tape.”

“I sing my ass off every night dude. Do you really want to go there?” Jericho responded.

The AEW star then compared the number of monthly listeners his band (591,000k+) gets compared to Bach’s (51,000+). Bach then mentioned how he “starred” in a TV show on VH1 15 years ago, likely referring to the show Supergroup.

Jericho called out Bach on that, “Ok gloves are off. You ‘starred’…along with 59 other people. Let’s stop this now.”

Jericho kept the shots coming against Bach, and the conversation eventually turned to a “sing-off” challenge between the two.

“Hi…I’m Chris “Milli Vanilli” Jericho. I have 5 top 30 singles in the last five years with my band @FOZZYROCK. I’m a huge fan of @sebastianbach…who had 3 top 30 singles 30 years ago. I always admired him as a singer and a friend! And I still do.

“I’ve seen the derogatory comments towards me from somebody I considered to be a friend. So with that in mind, I’ll be happy to have a SING OFF with @sebastianbach! No effects, no tuning, no bulls—. Bas is a great singer…but I’m better. You’ve got my number dude. Call me.

“I’ve never mimed anything ever! And I don’t use ‘***’ in a tweet ever. I will f—ing sing in your face anytime, anyplace dude. I’ve been a fan & a defender of you since day one…but don’t you ever question my rock abilities! And leave wrestling out of this…I can hit a G4 brah!”