Chris Jericho hosted another Saturday Night Special last night on his YouTube channel where he answered numerous questions from his fans. One that jumped out was who was the most unsafe wrestler he’s worked with.

The question also had “not including Ryback” in it ? a wrestler that has been called out for his in-ring work by people like CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler. Jericho said he never had any bad experiences with the former WWE Superstar.

“Ryback was not unsafe, Ryback was a great worker and whoever said he was unsafe had different experiences,” Jericho said. “I know [CM] Punk said he was unsafe, I never had a problem with Ryback, ever. I thought he was a really, really good worker.”

Jericho did point to two people he had a tough time working with ? Tyson Tomko and current WWE Superstar, Titus O’Neil.

Tomko’s first run with WWE was from 2002?2006 and most fans will remember him as the bodyguard for Christian. He also worked for NJPW, TNA, and made a return to WWE, but a back injury caused his release before he could make to TV. Jericho pointed to Tomko’s finisher ? a backbreaker rack (think Lex Luger’s torture rack position) dropped into a neckbreaker ? as a reason why it was tough to wrestle him.

“Christian’s bodyguard was Tyson Tomko, his finish was very hard to take,” Jericho recalled. “And Titus O’Neil, too. When guys just throw you with no direction and no care on how you’re going to land, it makes it harder. And I’m not saying Tyson and Titus aren’t good workers, I’m just saying there are certain moves they did that I didn’t like taking.”

You can check out the full episode in the video below. Last night, Jericho also discussed more about the NXT vs. AEW ratings battle.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Chris Jericho with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.