Diamond Dallas Page put out a video on the DDP Yoga YouTube channel (video above) where he wanted to give his personal experience on dealing with COVID-19. He also wanted to use his own experience to educate fans as COVID-19 is a new disease and new information comes out about it all the time which can confuse people.

Despite negative results on two separate tests and his girlfriend, Paige, testing positive, DDP explains the experience of going though the symptoms of COVID-19. DDP first explained that he was in contact with a friend who had contracted the coronavirus. Page and his girlfriend got a COVID-19 test, and their results came out negative.

"Paige came home, Brittney had no symptoms for days but around the second or third day, I started feeling sick," DDP explained. "Then Paige was feeling sick. We thought, 'wow, is this COVID' because our minds are gonna go right to that."

DDP said that he tried to get everyone in his company tested but was not able to find a place that could test everyone. He said that he could get a prescription for antibiotics and vitamins, but he had to contact a company that he uses for his vitamin bags to obtain a COVID-19 test. DDP said things were fine for himself and his girlfriend, until their symptoms started worsening.

"It came down and knocked us down our ass," DDP said. "For me, my voice got more and more raspier. I started feeling super weak. Trying to sleep was next to impossible. I felt like Big Show had a hold on my back. It was so painful. This went on for days. I was dreading going to bed because that's where I would have the most pain in my back, but Paige, she was going through something completely different than I was.

"I don't event think I ever got a fever over 99. Hers was up to 102.4 a bunch of different times. She's just sweating her ass off, and then one morning when I wake up, she's out. She slept till 12:00 that day. She was like I couldn't sleep last night at all. My body started freezing."

DDP said that one of his employees who he considers like his sister tested positive. He also said his daughter Brittany had to not only take care of him and Paige but also her own daughter who she recently gave birth to and her own mother as well.

He said that after nine days, they got their test results back. His girlfriend had tested positive, but he tested negative, so he called AEW wrestler and producer QT Marshall. He talks about how Marshall has tested positive for COVID-19 but has shown very little symptoms while his wife has shown symptoms but tested negative for COVID-19. Marshall was taken off a Dynamite show a few weeks back due to COVID-19 concerns.

"I call up QT, who's one of the wrestlers at AEW, because he left me a message, and I heard he had COVID," DDP recalled. "He tells me 20 days ago he was tested. He's got COVID. He had three days of symptoms. Nothing after that. His wife Caroline, she came back negative. She's had one symptom after another, and she's negative. He got a another test today. It says he's still positive."

DDP ended his video urging fans to take care of each other by wearing a mask and social distance. He also warns people from his own experience to not think the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and urges caution as some states continue to open up or stay open despite spikes in positive cases.

"Please just try to care about other people," DDP urged. "If you don't wear a mask for you, wear it for other people. Be cautious. Do the social distancing and just be good to each other because we only got ourselves. So be good to each other."

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