Former WWE star EC3 took some time out to speak with Wrestlezone this week, and during the conversation, he opened up about preparing to return to the squared circle. “Ethan Carter III” says that where he competes next isn’t necessarily about the money involved, it’s more centered around where he will have creative control.

“I think the mental perspective as far as [people asking], ‘Where are you going to work next? What promotion are you going to work for? What television show are you going to be on?,'” EC3 recalled. “It’s lost on me. It doesn’t matter. What I’m doing now is becoming who I want to be, and I know that by giving myself to somebody else?my talents, abilities, creativity, my brain, my body?I’ll never be able to be fully in control of who I’m portrayed as. I realize now that this isn’t about money for me at all or who is offering the best deal, it’s about which place provides me the best opportunity to be who I want to be, to fight how I want to fight, entertain how I want to entertain.”

EC3 says that once the clock runs out on “”, he will be fighting. He says that the fans will finally see him fighting in a multitude of ways upon July 18.

“I’ve cut promos, I’ve wrestled matches, I’ve defeated legends. But the one thing I’ve never done and people have never seen me do is fight. I’ve wrestled matches, but I’ve never fought. I never fought the regrets I used to have, the fears I would have,” EC3 explained. “I never fought with my heart on my sleeve, with a vendetta that I have now. I have not yet fought, and the second that the clock on goes down on 7-18-2020, I’m going to fight.”

EC3 mentioned that he will be taking the fight to someone who needs it most when the clock runs out.

“I’m telling you, literally?the second it hits midnight and I’m free from my past contractual obligations, I am getting into a fight,” EC3 finished.

As noted, Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary event will be taking place this Saturday, July 18. A number of former WWE stars that were released back in April, including EC3, Eric Young, Heath Slater and others have been rumored for spots on the Impact roster, and it’s been reported that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have already signed with the company.