WWE RAW Superstar Ember Moon recently spoke with Christian Hoffer of ComicBook.com and said she still doesn’t have a date for her return to the ring.

Moon tore her Achilles tendon during a WWE 24/7 Title segment back on September 24, 2019. She has been out of action since then and noted on WWE Backstage last month that the tear could be a career-ending injury. Moon revealed new details on the severity of the injury in her ComicBook.com interview.

“It’s been an up and down hill for me,” Moon said. “A lot of people don’t know this – they think I just have a very generic Achilles rupture, but I don’t. What actually happened is that [my Achilles tendon] got split in half and then it also got torn off the bone.

“So I actually ruptured my Achilles in two places, and the surgeon thinks that I may have been wrestling on it for probably about two months already torn to some extent, and I just didn’t feel the pain because I have kind of a high pain tolerance.”

Moon said the injury is so unique that her doctor was able to find just two more similar injuries, both of which happened to soccer players. She added that she had to temporarily stop her physical therapy for the injury due to COVID-19, but she picked up the pace of the sessions and is now going to therapy 5 or 6 days a week. She’s also purchased equipment to use at home in case quarantine restrictions prevent her from going out again. The two cases with the soccer players had recovery times of 20 months and 30 months. Moon said she considers anything less than two years away from the ring to be a victory.

“It’s been a very rough uphill battle and it sucks,” Moon said. “I will say that where I originally had a return date, now I don’t again, because of complications with strength building.”

Regarding her WWE Backstage appearance, Moon said she was “in her feelings” because she had just found out about the complications. She talked about people checking in on her, such as WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry, Triple H and Booker T.

“I was so in my feelings [on WWE Backstage] ’cause I just found out about the complications like, the day before,” she said. “I was still very much so in my feelings about it to the point where I cried on international television and I’m so ashamed, but sometimes you need that outlet sometimes to say those things, because like people like Mark [Henry], people like Booker, even the boss man, Triple H has been checking up on me. Another person from the company that is a legend reached out and was trying to help me out with rehab options and stuff like that.

“Honestly like what has made the biggest difference thus far because everything that they’ve said has been helping so much more than me just doing the normal situation because of that complication,” Moon continued. “So yeah, like there is a light, it is getting better. I just don’t have a timeframe and I don’t know when.”

Despite the issues and time away from the ring, Moon remains hopeful for her future.

“It took me almost a decade to get to WWE after four tryouts,” Moon said. “2019 was not my year. 2020 is not the world’s year, but dammit, we’re going to get there. I just feel like I worked so hard – no one helped me get anywhere, no one put a foot in the door for me. I don’t have a legacy, I don’t have a last name, but I have me and my work ethic. I have me and my passion and that’s always been enough.

“It’s going to be tested and I think when I do get back, when I do get cleared, all of this will be just another stepping stone on my path to greatness.”

You can see the full video below: