On Episode 29 of “Table Talk”, The Viking Raiders made an appearance where they discussed their current storyline with The Street Profits and their goals in WWE. Erik also talked about his wife, Sarah Rowe, f.k.a. Sarah Logan during her career in WWE. Last April, she was released from WWE, because of budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erik was being congratulated in the episode of Table Talk for him and Sarah expecting their first child, which the couple revealed on Erik’s post from July 6th on Instagram.

Along with the pregnancy news, Erik also gave an update on how Sarah is doing after her release from WWE.

“She started a YouTube channel, called ‘The Wild and Free TV’, where she’s hunting, she’s taking people along as we build a homestead,” Erik said. “As we’re going to be doing projects, we’re going to be traveling, we’re going to be fighting, we’re going to be doing all kinds of stuff. She’s just pouring herself into the YouTube, training like crazy, and she was out doing power cleans and squats today. She’s still going to be training the whole time and we’re filming the journey, so we’re going to bring people along for it.

“I think it’s a lot of fun,” Erik continued. “She’s out chasing cows, getting the chickens ready and it’s great. She definitely misses wrestling, but this is a passion, it’s a thing. No matter how long you’ve been away if you go three days without wrestling or three years without wrestling, you miss it. Now she’s getting to explore this other stuff and I think it’s exciting, it’s good, it’s a new challenge, it’s a new thing”.

Erik was then questioned by a fan if he thinks Sarah will return to WWE in the future.

“Anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation!” Erik quipped. “I believe that to my core, never say never. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So I think that possibility is for sure there and I’m not overstepping anything when I say that people at WWE like behind the scenes love Sarah, even if they’re scared of her. They love her and she loves wrestling, she loves WWE.”

Erik stated that he wouldn’t be surprised to see her back.

“If things pivot and things change, that’s what going to happen for it,” Erik said. “I think she’s going to be successful no matter what she decides to do, but I would definitely see wrestling again in her future. I hope so. I love watching her wrestle. So I’m just as hopeful as everyone else that you see her coming back and beating girls up”.

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