Faye Jackson has competed on the indies for years and also had a stint in Ring of Honor from 2016-17. She had an up and down experience as a part of Women of Honor and she talked more about that when she joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

“When I first got there, they treated me well. But then, it’s different when you have to start to work for TV and you realize that people there don’t want to show you. Or if you do something in a match and get yourself over, then you’re too new to get yourself over and you need to have a seat type of thing,” said Jackson.

“Then, when it comes to everybody that’s included on the roster ? because I was a part of that roster ? and they’re having meetings about the future of the product, and you’re not invited. But everybody else is. That always drew red flags for me and they like to pick and choose who is at the forefront, which is wrestling and that’s fine. One minute one person may get a push, the next minute that person may get this push. I’m new to the business and I don’t expect anything. I never even try to make myself known where I’m wanting to go for a title shot or stuff like that. Maybe my first eight matches happened there, ever, so why would I say, ‘Hey. I’ve had six matches here so far. Let me get a title shot.’ I’m not that bold and I don’t think that highly of myself. But I do want to be treated with respect and when people start making up certain things about you to make you look bad to a whole roster or individual group to say, ‘Hey, now she’s taking all of these bookings and she thinks she’s better than us. Now she’s doing this in the locker room and going off on people’ which I never did. All of these things happen but you don’t really realize what’s happening until you get that inkling that something’s not right.”

She added that ROH has changed and that trainer Jonathan Gresham is going to take them to another level, she’s happy he has that power. Jackson also discussed how the Women of Honor has never risen to the level of the men’s division and why that may be.

“There has to be a problem somewhere where if this person leaves, that person leaves, that person leaves ? you want to keep blaming the individuals that keep leaving instead of blaming the individuals that are there and are causing the problem. But at the end of the day, I wish them the best. I have no ill will towards them and I will say that I’m better off,” stated Jackson. “My track record in the promotions that I’ve worked in the indies kinda proves that. I never let that situation that treated me so horribly ? it never stopped my drive to keep going. I’ve dealt with a lot of horrors that, trust me, anybody that was in my position would have been quit wrestling.”

Jackson did bring her concerns to someone in ROH management but spoke candidly about how the exchange went.

“I brought it up one time to the head booker and I said, ‘Just give me a chance to show that I belong.’ Because I didn’t feel like I belonged at that point. Instead of being able to hear from that person and saying, ‘Alright, let’s see what you can do or this is why?’ just something, I basically just got berated,” said Jackson. “‘No, you don’t belong here. We gave you a shot but your attitude has changed since your first match and you’re going to different places with an attitude.’ If you ask people how I acted in the locker room they would say I’m actually the one that makes everybody get along. I don’t want any type of drama in the locker room. Even if I don’t know you, I’m gonna get to know you.”

She said she’s too old and mature for that type of drama and everyone just needs to get along.

“I don’t like being in a locker room where I feel animosity. Every time I went to that locker room I felt animosity towards me and I have no idea why,” said Jackson.

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