In February of 2019 it was announced Chris Hemsworth was set to play WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in a biopic on Hogan’s life. The film will focus on the early days of his wrestling career through the rise of “Hulkamania.”

Hemsworth is currently getting prepared for the role and has previous said in an interview with Total Film that it’s going to be “insanely physical” for him as he looks to put on more size to become “The Hulkster.”

Fitness guru Jono Castano Acero ? who has worked with other celebrities ? spoke with Daily Mail Australia on the state of mind Hemsworth will need to successfully make the transformation.

“With any transformation, diet, exercise and your mental state all play a big role in the outcome,” Acero explained. “Chris has always looked amazing in all his roles, so I am confident he can achieve this physique.

“One of the most important aspects I get my clients to think about is why they want to make the change ? whether it’s health reasons or a big movie role ? they are both driving forces behind wanting to make the change. Your mental state needs to be a positive one.”

Todd Phillips of The Joker is going to direct while Hogan and Eric Bischoff are executive producers on the film. Netflix has the exclusive rights.