FTR On If They Plan To Revive The Horsemen, Why Arn Anderson Rubbed People Wrong In WWE

Arn Anderson serves on-screen as Head Coach for Cody Rhodes in AEW but he also assists backstage in an advisory role. Newly debuted AEW tag team FTR had the chance to work with Anderson as a producer in WWE when they were the Revival. The tag team discussed how it is working with Anderson in AEW as opposed to WWE when they joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I think I can say this with Cash's approval ? we're in a completely different environment now. The environment that the three of us were in before was a lot different," said Dax. "This one is a little more laxed and you feel a little more free now. We can actually have fun and he actually has time to sit down and talk with us at length.

"You're exactly right in saying people compare us to Arn and Tully and that is the most incredible comparison we can get. It makes me a little emotional to think about it because, I've said it in many interviews and I'm sure Cash is tired of hearing it, but I absolutely, positively love wrestling to the point that I cannot describe it to you. It's an entity to me and those two guys are two of my heroes. Not only to get the comparison from all of our peers and guys like you and from the fans as well, but to get the comparison and the nod from them. And for them to tell us that we're their favorite tag team and the best tag team in the world, honestly as a man, it does sometimes bring tears to my eyes."

"I'm gonna say this and I'm sure one of the gossipy-style dirt sheets will put out the headline, 'Cash Wheeler buries WWE' but really, I'm not burying them," stated Cash. "I'm speaking from my honest opinion, and I don't wanna speak for Arn and say anything that he wouldn't want me to say, but it was no secret when he was there that he was one of the few producers that was outspoken and would stand up to Vince. He would go to bat for talent which he did for us numerous times. He did it so many times that I can't even count on both hands as that's just the kind of guy Arn is.

"But because he was so outspoken and stood up for what he believed in and stood up for the talent, he fell out of favor and that's just fact. That's why he's not there anymore? he was the squeaky wheel who didn't get the grease; he got the release."

Cash added that while in WWE, he would know when Arn was going to say something he shouldn't because he is so passionate. The difference now with AEW is that Arn's ideas are welcome.

With comparisons between FTR/The Revival and Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard, there has been natural speculation of a Four Horsemen revival. Cody has teased it on occasion and the duo was asked if they would be open to reinventing the Horsemen.

"So, we've got the blessing from Arn. We've got the blessing from Tully. We've got the blessing from Flair and he's been outspoken as well," revealed Dax. "But we are such big fans of those guys and have such respect and admiration for the original Four and the second incarnation with Barry as well, there's no way ? and Cash said it on a recent interview ? there's no way there could ever be another Four Horsemen. It's impossible."

He then talked about how the Horsemen made the framework for the bad guy team who were not afraid of the heat. That's much different than today's era where a lot of guys, in their opinion, are scared of the heat.

"Cash and myself, we are absolutely, positively 100 percent not afraid of any kind of heat," said Dax. "So, if you are gonna start a group and you wanna make some money and wanna draw some heat, brother, you've gotta put me and Cash inside of it because there ain't two other guys in this business that welcome the heat like we do."

"It's gonna be impossible and we'd be doing ourselves a huge disservice if we tried to recreate what they've done," replied Cash. "But to Dax's point, they were the embodiment of what a bad guy group should be. Nowadays everybody wants to be the cool or like-able heel. They wanna get that nod, wink-wink, elbow-elbow thing with the fans. They want the fans to think, 'Ah, I see what you did there. That was cool; I like it.' We don't want that. We want you to hate our guts. We want you to throw trash, throw water, throw piss on whoever. Let us go out there and make the world hate us and that's all I ask. I'd be open to that. I wouldn't be open to trying to copy something that's one of a kind. But I would be open to paying homage to that."

Cash then explained that the piss comment came to mind because in Mexico, MJF had a cup of piss thrown at him. A story he does not think MJF has ever spoken publicly about.

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