Former WWE Superstar Heath Miller, f.k.a. Heath Slater, appeared at tonight’s Impact Wrestling Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Slater appeared in street clothes to cut a promo, although his mic was having technical issues. Slater said that he was there for an open challenge.

“They promised surprises,” Slater said. “Well surprise!”

Slater only referred to himself as “Heath.”

Rohit Raju interrupted the promo and informed Slater that the open challenge already happened and that he will not be in the World title match tonight. Raju referenced Slater’s quick loss to Drew McIntyre on RAW earlier this month, saying, “the last time you were in a World title match, it didn’t last very long!”

Slater quickly beat up Raju and hit him with a reverse DDT before throwing him outside of the ring. Slater then revealed his “free agent” t-shirt to end the segment.

In a backstage segment later in the show, Slater ran into Rhyno and they celebrated Slater being there. Impact Executive Scott D’Amore came in and told Slater that he doesn’t work there, and with them having a closed set due to the pandemic, Slater has to leave. As Slater was leaving, Rhyno told him that he would get everything figured out and for Slater to be there on Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

You can check out video from the segment below: