Hugo Savinovich was sort of a whistle blower when it comes to WWE’s travel issues leaving Saudi Arabia following last October’s Crown Jewel. WWE lawyers have even gotten involved due to Savinovich’s comments about the issues and he was asked about that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“First of all, I am not involved in any lawsuit and I will not be involved in anything because I truly respect and love the McMahon family. We were together for 17 years and, as you know, as part of Lucha Libre Online, we already have over one million fans and followers. It’s not like I need this to get more views and what’s totally mistaken is that I’m not getting any money out of Lucha Libre Online,” said Savinovich. “This was my passion of doing something, especially for the Spanish fans. We are truly an independent page and I don’t criticize whatever people do on their pages.

“But my M.O. is that I like to keep it in a way that even the companies that have me under contract ? Triple A and Stage TV ? when we do something wrong, I’m the first one to say it and that’s the way it is. With WWE and the two PPVs I did with AEW, who I love especially Cody Rhodes. I saw him brought up and was best, best buddies with his father and I keep it real. They even told me, ‘Man, you give WWE a lot of publicity.’ I said, ‘Listen. This is a business and I’m in the business of supplying the information that people want.’ And everybody wants to know about WWE but I said the bigger you guys get, I’ll give you guys more coverage and I always keep it real. That’s the same thing that has happened with this situation with the Saudi Arabia thing.”

Savinovich then detailed where his sourcing for the Saudi story came from.

“I got information right from the TV studio ? in Stamford, Connecticut and I worked there for 17 years ? I know old people there but I also know new people. They’re my fans as a lot of these people know me from when I was a kid and they respect what I do. I was informed that that was what they got ? the Saudi Arabian government had stopped the flight because of the situation with Vince and people there. He delayed the signal and all of the other crap that happened. I reported it just like that and then I heard the same thing from officials at headquarters,” revealed Savinovich.

“I did not get involved in any lawsuit as I just reported it like that. It’s sad that the lawyer is trying to discredit me because I am not in the lawsuit and am not involved with that. This was something that one of the wrestlers, without mentioning his name, they quoted him saying that. Also, the wife of a wrestler said that on her Instagram account with a picture of the wrestlers out of the plane.”

Savinovich then brought up that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated and dismembered in a Saudi embassy, so one shouldn’t readily believe what Saudi Arabia says. He also said WWE shouldn’t even be in Saudi Arabia and holding events.

“I got a call from the TV studio? and also from headquarters and then from some of the talent that were there. So, to me, it’s not like someone told me a story. This is official people that were on that trip and I think that before July is over, one of them is gonna come out so they won’t have to keep any privacy under contract. I think we’re gonna hear more soon from this,” stated Savinovich.

“It’s just sad because all I said was what happened. They did not make it back into the States. They’re in a country that doesn’t have any credibility and they are so powerful. These people are so powerful and so are WWE. So, they managed to control information but they can not control Hugo or Lucha Libre Online.”

Savinovich said his sources are multiple and he put out this information to be transparent with the wrestling audience and not for the sake of publicity.

“It was more than one source from the TV studio. Let’s put it this way ? from New Japan to my company Triple A to Impact Wrestling to Ring of Honor to AEW to WWE ? I have sources there,” said Savinovich. “I want to make this clear Nick [Hausman]; I do not make one cent in likes on my page. I do not operate like that. My main thing of building this audience is being legit and I teach the passion of this business. I don’t give spoilers out. My thing is, keep it real. Whoever is in my page will find very nice things about the wrestlers.”

He then mentioned that WWE is still sending him interviews and he loves them. He also said that he’s a pastor and preacher and being discredited hurts him.

“I’ve been going through hell and back. My wife died last November 1. My sister died two days after. My two boys have been through depression and I am struggling to keep it going,” revealed Savinovich. “So, whatever the heck is said really affects me. If you follow my career, you know that I stand by my word. My word is that I am a man of honor. I don’t have to lie. Like I said to you Nick, I don’t need to lie. People follow us because we keep it real and you know how passionate I am. They like the stuff we do and we keep it real. Right now, I have so much information on this and that and whatever. And I don’t come out and say things that are not good for the business.

“My thing is, I wanna see all of the companies do better especially with something so meaningful like what happened to the boys in that tribute match. Out of your country and you’re already a little bit scared about the things that have happened with Saudi Arabia and that embassy killing in Turkey. You don’t need to play around with that. I’ll say it again ? this is the information I got. Somehow after 24 hours, the whole thing changed and now you hear that they have a signed affidavit from the guy that owns their plane. Whatever they want to say, they can say it. But they cannot say that I lied or that I’m a disgruntled employee?

“When you hear that your buddies, your friends, people in your industry are going through something that they should have never gone through ? because that place, [WWE] shouldn’t be there or doing business. We still don’t know what the heck happened really with that reporter that was dismembered in the embassy. It’s very sad.”

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