In April Jake “The Snake” Roberts said he was living with Diamond Dallas Page in Atlanta but had to then go to a hotel room to self-quarantine. Roberts discussed his current living arrangements when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I’m back in the hotel again for the last time. I’m moving to Oklahoma ? when I leave Florida on this trip then I’m going to Oklahoma. I’ve got a place there now of my own so I can make my own rules,” said Roberts.

“The really wild thing about it is that it’s one mile from the largest casino in the world [laughs]. It’s the Indian casino there ? WinStar ? which is the largest casino in the world. It’s fabulous and huge which doesn’t bother me because I don’t drink anymore. I don’t have any urges or anything like that so I’m not scared. I’m damn sure not gonna give my money away in gambling. People think about going to Vegas and getting rich like that, but let me tell you something, they don’t open casinos to lose money [laughs]. So, rethink what you’re doing.”

After a career in the ring, Roberts seems to be on a new chapter in his life and he was asked about that.

“It is and I am going to start enjoying my life. When you’re wrestling, the joy that you have is all in the ring and I can’t do that anymore. So, I need to find my joy and I think I figured it out. Playing with my grandkids and my other children. Getting on a boat and going water skiing, tubing or fishing. Doing family things is something I’ve never done because I was always on the road, performing, back in a hotel and going again. I’m past that so I’m gonna do this and get the book out there. It should be out there in a few months,” said Roberts.

He added that his book is just being reviewed for grammatical mistakes now and that it will “blow your mind” and “will really move you.”

I’m waiting for this virus to be over, so I can kick back in my comedy tours,” stated Roberts. “I’ve got a couple of movies in the works and a recurring part on a TV show which I can not talk about. It’s gonna be awesome and Jake The Snake is running hard again but I’m just getting smarter about which way I run.”

As for if Roberts will stay involved with the wrestling industry, he maintains that he’ll still work with AEW and have plenty of free time.

“Here’s the thing ? you’ve just got to be smart with your time. So, 2 days a week I’ll be with AEW. That leaves me 5 where I can go back home or choose to do one comedy show. That still leaves 3-4 days so I’ve still got time. It’s all scheduling and my daughter is doing a great job with that. My oldest daughter, Brandy, is doing a fabulous job with that. I’m just having a good time, man. Just having a good time,” said Roberts.

You can donate to the “Jake Roberts for Joe Case” GoFundMe by clicking HERE. All funds go towards the children of Jake’s long-time friend Joe Case who passed away last month.

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