Johnny Gargano Talks Easter Eggs He Includes With His Takeover Gear

WWE and Mattel held a virtual San Diego Comic-Con featuring numerous Superstars including Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Edge. Sam Roberts also took part, and he asked one of the Mattel designers if this is the year that we get a Sam Roberts action figure.

"In 2020, uh, no," said Bill Miekina who is a Mattel action figures designer.

"There's gonna be a lot of disappointed Sam Roberts fans out there," replied Roberts before introducing Steve Ozer, a Mattel action figures marketer, to talk about the WWE Fan Takeover line.

"WWE Fan Takeover will be available in the US exclusively at Walmart. Fan Takeover allows the fans to choose the gear they wanna see on these WWE figures," said Ozer. "There's lots of requests for specific gear and now fans have their chance to have their voices heard and get that gear into the line."

There were four different fan polls that the WWE Universe voted on and the winners were:
* Seth Rollins' WrestleMania 35 gear
* Shayna Baszler silver and black gear
* Ricky Steamboat's white WrestleMania 3 gear
* Adam Cole's back and yellow gear

"I know a thing or two about TakeOvers and this is such a cool event because wrestling gear holds a special place in my heart," said Johnny Gargano. "I know in a lot of collectors' hearts they want to see these different types of gear and now they get the opportunity to actually vote on the gear they wanna see, which is amazing. It's cool that we actually have a voice now?

"There isn't just this wave as wave 2 is actually coming soon, and I believe someone is a part of wave 2."

Miekina then revealed the results of Wave 2 with the winners being a Randy Orton 2004 outfit, Christian's 2011 gear when he was World Champion, Sean Waltman's NWO X-Pac gear and Gargano's Wolverine outfit.

"I remember particularly after I wore this gear you reached out to me and said you hope to make a figure of this gear," Gargano said to Miekina. "I'm glad it won, and it holds a special place in my heart. I think it looks friggin' awesome and it's really 'toy addict.' Love that word, but this gear in particular is very toy addict and people are gonna be very happy about this one."

Gargano was then asked by Roberts how he chooses his gear and if there is one specific outfit of his that stands out from the rest.

"It was a part of this vote as well ? the TakeOver: New York gear ? just because it holds a special place in my heart for the moment of winning the NXT Championship. The little Easter eggs on the gear representing WrestleMania 12 with the little hints of Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania 12 in it, with the boyhood dream coming true.

'So, there's a lot of little Easter eggs in there that I put on my gear and there's a lot of thought that goes into it," stated Gargano. "There's a lot of thought put into this gear as well in Toronto, and little Easter eggs you can see on there as well. But I'd have to say TakeOver: New York. It did not win the vote but, Bill, it is very toy addict too if you wanna kind of toss that one in there as well at some point.

"Throw this idea at you: Johnny-Candice two-pack but also removable attires. Like a Barbie and Ken doll but clothes can come off so you can put on all my gear from every TakeOver. You could put my gear on Candice if you want to."