As noted, Lana’s family has seen an outbreak of COVID-19 cases over the last few weeks. First her mother was diagnosed, and then both Lana’s father and husband, former WWE star Rusev, also contracted the virus.

In an update, Lana took to Twitter to say that her mother has left the hospital and has returned home to recover. “My Mom is out of the hospital & home resting,” Lana wrote.

As noted last week, Lana posted a video to YouTube that included an update on her father. She explained that her dad was battling the virus for a little over two weeks but he was beginning to feel better as of last Friday, July 11. Before he tested positive for the virus, her father thought it was just simple pollen allergies.

“My dad is doing better,” said Lana. “He’s on about day 15 right now. He couldn’t get out of bed at all for a week. Last week, he couldn’t get out of bed, like he’s not asthmatic like my mother is. My mom is very asthmatic and that’s why it affected her lungs – my dad couldn’t get out of bed, he was so weak. He thought he just had simple pollen allergies. Next thing you know he gets bedridden. Just be really really careful guys. My dad is doing better today. Yesterday was the first day that he started to feel better. Thank you guys for your prayers and your positive energy.”

Rusev took to his Twitch channel’s live stream to disclose the news about his positive COVID-19 test. “I’m absolutely positive for COVID-19,” Rusev said. “I’m absolutely, one-hundred percent, super, mega, incredibly positive. Yes, I got a phone call from the doctor.”

You can see Lana’s Twitter post below: