Doc Gallows, f.k.a. Luke Gallows in WWE, spent the last three months as a free agent after being released from WWE alongside Karl Anderson. The duo eventually joined Impact Wrestling but there’s talk of them also working with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Gallows was asked if they have signed with New Japan when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“We have agreed to terms; I guess that would be the best way to put it. But there’s no way to put a schedule together or no way to truly put pen to paper because right now there’s one flight a week to Japan,” revealed Gallows. “If you get there you have to quarantine for two weeks and then if you come back you have to quarantine for two weeks. So to do a show we’re out a month of our lives and I don’t see how it will be beneficial for either party. Hopefully this stuff will start to decline and we can kinda get back to some normalcy. We’re definitely itching to go back to New Japan.”

While there are New Japan shows taking place in the United States, Gallows says they are going to concentrate more on the shows in Japan. He thinks it would be important to re-debut in Japan before focusing stateside.

Gallows and Anderson were a part of the Bullet Club during their last stints in Japan. He was asked by host Nick Hausman if they will rejoin their old stable.

“[Laughs] Only time will tell ? you’ve got to watch and see. The landscape has changed multiple times in the 4-5 years since we’ve been gone. People have stepped up. People have stepped forward and new stars have emerged. Then you still have those battle-hard veterans that are there. Some of the toughest guys in the entire business have done that schedule. Those Japanese guys from the time they were Young Boys all the way through, night in and night out, performing at a high, high athletic level and taking risks. I have all the respect in the world for those performers for sure,” said Gallows.

EVIL has now ascended to the leader of the Bullet Club and Gallows shared his thoughts on him having that role.

“Honestly it was a surprise. I didn’t know that was coming but what an opportunity. What a hell of a chance to step up and step out and say, ‘I’m the guy.’ That’s what wrestling is made on; it’s cool and a great feeling,” said Gallows. “It reminded me of us stepping into Impact a little bit. It might not have been the move that everybody expected right out of the gate but it’s an exciting time and you wanna put it on your back and see what you can do with it. You can really show who you are as a performer and a character.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for him as I remember him being a Young Boy and us working with him in the States and a little in Japan. So, to see in few short years that transformation and for him to go to the next level ? and I mean Gedo is one of the smartest bookers so there’s a reason for everything that takes place. I think that if he thinks it’s a good decision then it probably is.”

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